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Torchlight 3: How To Enchant Items | Enchanting Guide

Spell magic upon your items by enchanting them in Torchlight 3.

Enchanting is an end-game mechanic in Torchlight that you will get access to after reaching level 47. The process is coming at a high level; hence, it is most probably for the pro players who have already got a hang of the game. The enchanting process is therefore very complicated. In this enchanting guide, we will walk you through how to enchant items in Torchlight 3.


How to Unlock the Enchanting Table and Altar in Torchlight 3

Firstly, you will need to have an Enchanting Table and Altar to be able to enchant items. You don’t have to worry much about this as it is a part of your tutorial. Once you have the Enchanting Table and Altar in place, you become eligible for enchanting items. However, you cannot do that yet as the enchanting recipes will drop only after level 47.

The Altar will help you get essences that are used to enchant items. You can place some items into the Altar to break them down and create the essence.

Another thing to note is that for an item to be enchanted, it needs to have enchantment slots available. Only when the enchantment slots are available for a particular enchantment, the process can be completed.

torchlight 3 enchanting guide

How to Enchant Items in Torchlight 3


The enchantment mechanic is simple, yet complicated. Simple in terms of performing it as all you need to do is drag the enchanting recipes into an empty slot. Now complicated in terms of understanding enchantment as the outcome is random.

Each recipe used has a set of outcomes, and the one that you get will be a random spawn from the set. For instance, the Shock and Awe recipe can give any of the following items:

  • Stun Chance
  • Shock Bolts
  • Shock Duration
  • Shock chance
  • Blind Duration
  • Blind Chance
  • Electric damage

Now, you can take any of these items and put them into an empty slot to enchant items.

How to Disenchant Items in Torchlight 3


Since the outcome of enchanting items is random, the disenchanting feature can really come in handy. Suppose you enchant an item but don’t get the desired output, you can disenchant that output from the table. However, disenchantment has some costs attached to it. The costs of disenchantment depend on the type of item. Below are the costs that you will have to pay to disenchant items in Torchlight 3.

  • Magic – 500 Coins
  • Rare – 750 Coins
  • Legendary – 1,000 Coins

That’s the end of our enchanting guide. I Hope, you will be clear by now about how to enchant items in Torchlight 3. The game supports multiplayer, hence, you can play Torchlight 3 with your friends as well.