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Top Gaming Ecommerce Site To Buy the Best Hardware

List of best eCommerce site to buy latest PC hardware for gaming

When life gives you lemons, try some games 🙂

Countries around the world are battling with novel coronavirus putting maximum people under a total lockdown for controlling the virus spread. Uncertain when this will be over, lockdown is harsh. But it is also the safest way to prevent any spread of the virus.

Recently World Health Organization came out with an unlikely partnership to persuade everyone to stay indoors. WHO and Gaming Industry came together with the “Play Apart Together “campaign, an effort to cope with people in self-isolation.

Gaming Companies like Activision Blizzard, Twitch, Riot Games, and YouTube Gaming will be hosting special events, exclusives, activities, rewards, and inspiration to encourage gaming. Gaming is now seen as one of the best practices during the quarantine period to practice social distances.
How Gaming can lend a hand during a lockdown?

As of right now, the lockdown is stated to last until the 15th of April, 2020. There are uncertainties about whether lockdown will be lifted or not. Also, no one knows how this virus is going to impact us in the days coming ahead. The government still seems unsure about lifting the ban as it could endanger the lives of millions of people and damage the economy.

Work from home is getting monotonous for a lot of people, and it seems like a lot of people are picking up their consoles and firing up their PC to revisit their childhood and keep playing their beloved games. Gamine Stores like Steam, Epic Store and GOG has already seen a global spike in gaming sales, while a few people are having issues in India with their internet connectivity you can always check out the websites for deals and online copies of their favorite games.

Games are the perfect platform because they connect people through the lens of joy, purpose and meaning – Activision CEO Bobby Kotick

Gaming is the best activity to stay indoors, a source of entertainment and boosts attention. Since quarantine began there is a boost in gaming, a lot of new gamers are entering into the sector to try out some of the greatest games. This is the best time to plan your ideal Gaming PC Build sitting at home. We bring you a list of top eCommerce gaming websites that offer from pin to plane in terms of PC components. Whatever you need they have, along with home delivery and online payment.

All these online retailers provide top-notch hardware at the best price. Below are some of the few websites that fulfill gamers’ needs. From picking hardware piece-by-piece to build your dream gaming PC to a complete package, everything is available.

1. Xgarage

XGarage Ecommerce Site

  • Xgarage is the brainchild of the same owner of REX Esports, a premier gaming cafe in Bangalore. They ship items country-wide.
  • Apart from just ordering gaming components on the site, gamers can also be a part of the building process of their PC. This can be done by ordering the parts directly to the cafe or the gamer can go to the cafe with the parts.

2. Mdcomputers

MDComputers Ecommerce Site

  • MD Computers is a Mumbai based e-commerce destination for PC buyers, catering all requirements for quality equipment.
  • Buyers can get high octane hardware to every accessory a gamer will need. Get all the products from notable manufacturers like Intel, Asus, Logitech, Zotac and so many more.

3. Prime ABGB

PrimeABGB Ecommerce Site

  • Prime ABGB is operating for over 25years in one of the biggest computer wholesale markets in Mumbai – Lamington Road.
  • Apart from buying game components, it is right to stay Prime ABGB is an Amazon of Computer Hardware, where you can build your own pc from scratch, buy high-end gaming laptops and a ton of accessories from every popular manufacturer.

4. The IT Depot

The IT Depot Ecommerce Site

  • Founded in 2000, the company started off as the brainchild of group PC enthusiasts, who wanted computer components to be more readily available and at lower prices. Rated as one of the Top 5 Indian tech online shopping sites.
  • Theitdepot is a leading e-retailer and retailer and trusted store for all electronic devices with a focus on computer components and DIY products by providing a great shopping experience, rapid delivery, tech customer service and provide the best warranty support.

5. Vedant Computers

  • Vedant is one of the leading IT distribution companies in West Bengal operating since its inception in 2003. The company is heading to provide a full range of PC components to local customers through its wide sales channels.
  • Currently, Vedant is acting as the authorized dealer for some global leading brands e.g. AMD, Antec, ASUS, Blackmagic Design, Cooler Master, Corsair, Circle, MSI, Sapphire, ZOTAC for West-Bengal market.

As soon as the lockdown is lifted you can reach these retailers online or offline for your gaming requirements. Some of them provide home delivery where there is no need to go outside at all. Make sure that you check out these websites and you can enjoy some of your favorite games at leisure without having to step out of the house.

Stay Inside, Stay Safe.