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Top 5 Tricks To Get Max Kill In TDM Warehouse – PUBG

Best tips to win in TDM Warehouse

Team Death Match aka TDM Warehouse is one on one combat map in PUBG where a group of players is compressed in a smaller place to fight for survival. There are key points to remember before you just pick any gun and jump in the battle. TDM Warehouse is different compared to the big maps in PUBG. In bigger regions like Erangel, you get more and more supplies, while TDM Warehouse is all about skills, fast movements, and the right weapon choice. In this TDM Warehouse PUBG Guide I will sort out only the important things to remember, there is also a Quick Tips section you can go to find only the exact things to follow while playing TDM Warehouse. So let’s begin.

PUBG TDM Warehouse – Five Best Tips To Get Max Kill


Below are the top five skills enough for you to get maximum kills and earn MVP.

1). Which Is The Best Weapon for PUBG TDM



Start with Kar98K and M762 Barrel. Keep both the guns with you. Try to get the guns first from the table and once you have them jump in the battle. It is necessary to wait and move, players can spawn from any corner from anywhere. One of the biggest benefits of having these two weapons is high magazine size and Kar98K with Laser Sight scope adds the sniper feature allowing you to take down distant enemies. Avoid using big scopes on Kar98K, best is 2x. Bigger scope adds more recoil delaying your shots in TDM that can turn out lethal.

2). Switch To Claw



If you are not used to Claw then try to play and practice. This control allows you to have the shoot button on your left index finger. Use the right thumb to navigate and left for movement. Reserve the left index finger only to shoot, it will save a ton of your time. Before anyone reacts you will be able to shoot down the enemy in front of you. It is just a matter of time to be an expert, try using the three-finger technique to get maximum skills. TDM Warehouse demands high-speed movements, reserve the thumbs for movements and one dedicated finger to shoot. Claw is the only best technique in terms of getting max speed while moving without affecting the shoot response.

3). Lay down / Prone & Fire

This is a very important movement because it will help you to directly dodge in an incoming movement. But do this when you have no one on your back, unfortunately, if you get trapped by multiple enemies, instantly switch to a prone position and shoot the standing one. You get a broader radius to shoot the bodies from lower grounds. Another benefit of laying down is other’s who are running around if they had not spotted you, will help you to avoid their sight of fire. So do practice Prone and fire a lot.


4). Crouch & Fire

If you find Lay Down or Prone too slow then try using Crouch and Fire technique. Whenever you find someone coming up crow instantly and then start shooting. In this way, you will be able to dodge some bullets but this is not a fool-proof method. Compare to Prone & Fire, Crouch & Fire is fast but risky. However, you must be prepared for everything. By instantly adjusting your position lower to the ground enemies have to adjust their shooting range giving you enough time to kill them.

5). Avoid Killing Anyone At Respawn Zone

When a player dies he/she will respawn near the tables. Avoid staying in that region, whenever a player respawn he has 5-second invincibility, that is enough to take you down. Your attack will have zero damage on the enemy, so try not to stay in that place.

TDM Warehouse Quick Tips

With the top five tips there are some quick tips also you can go through to become a pro TDM Warehouse player. I am not going into many details here, just some instant tips.

  1. TDM is a 4 vs 4 death-match, your team has to kill opposite players 40 times.
  2. Few good weapons – M762, M416, AKM, Vector, etc.
  3. Equip Level 2 Helmet and Armor.
  4. HP Regenerates if you are able to escape combat, in-case you find yourself in tough situation try to get to a safe place.

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