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Tombs Of The Fallen Artifacts, Locations, & Rewards In AC Valhalla

Read this guide to learn all about artifacts, locations, and rewards in AC Valhalla.

The new Tombs of the Fallen update in AC Valhalla has brought with it the opportunity for players to acquire artifacts and other such rewards. With this exciting update, you will have the chance to explore new tombs for treasure. The artifacts that you can acquire by exploring can be quite useful to you. If you are wondering what these items are, and where you can get them, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will walk you through the significance of these items are, and the locations of these tombs.

Tombs of the Fallen Artifacts, Locations, & Rewards in AC Valhalla


Artifacts in Tombs of the Fallen AC Valhalla

You will chance upon unique items known as artifacts when you explore the Tombs of the Fallen in AC Valhalla. While these items do hold special importance and significance in the game, as of now there is no clarity about their use. Since the update is quite new, however, you can expect a confirmed purpose for the artifacts in the near future.

Now that you know about the Artifacts, let us check out the locations of the Tombs you can find them in.


AC Valhalla Tombs of the Fallen Locations

Manius’ Sanctum



You will find Manius’ Sanctum in Ravensthorpe, towards the southern side of the river. In order to begin the quest for the treasure from this tomb, you will need to speak with some people near the river in Ravensthorpe. The group of people is not very hard to find, as you will be able to see them beyond the building of the boat builder. Once you interact with these people, you will be taken into a cutscene where Eivor will make use of the Synin to find the tomb. Once you find the tomb, you will receive the Fallen Hero Cape treasure.

Boudicca Tombs



You can find the Boudicca Tomb in East Anglia. You will need to head to the north of the Brisleah Farm, and then to the west of Elmenham. Finding this tomb will give you the Fallen Hero Boots and Fallen Hero Bracers treasures.

Venutius Tomb

The Venutius Tomb is located amidst the mountains towards the southwest of Doncaestre in Eurvicscire. Here, you will receive the Fallen Hero Helmet.

Cassivellanus Tomb


You will find this tomb in Sciropescire in AC Valhalla. There is no fixed location for this tomb, except for the fact it is in the west of Repton. You will receive the Fallen Hero Breastplate for finding this tomb.

These are the locations of all of the tombs in Tombs of the Fallen in AC Valhalla.  In order to get the exact locations of these tombs, we recommend you use the raven. Once you get close enough to a tomb, you will notice a swirling blue light. This will help you find and locate the tombs much more quickly. Now, let us take a look at the treasure you can acquire from these tombs.

Treasure from Tombs of the Fallen

As you may have read earlier, completing each tomb will give you a piece or two of armor. Finding and exploring all of the tombs will give you the entire Fallen Hero armor set. This set is known to be among the best sets of armor in the entire game. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it also serves its function of being strong when it comes to defense.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about Tombs of the Fallen tomb locations, artifacts, and rewards in AC Valhalla. As you can see, the artifacts are yet to receive a definitive purpose in the game. However, you can expect to learn more about what these unique items do in the future. We recommend you pay attention to this guide, as we will update it when we receive any new information so you can learn more about artifacts.

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