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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Launches August 27 for Android & iOS Devices

Ubisoft announced on its July 12 event Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, a new game that will be released for mobile devices on August 27. The game is already available in the main app stores, namely the App Store for iOS devices and the Play Store for Android devices. Anyone who wants to pre-register can do it.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is developed by the Owlient studio and distributed by Ubisoft. It has the RPG genre and brings some similarities with the other titles in the franchise. Many of the characters already known to some of the players are part of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. About 70 characters are available to players.


Players who decide to pre-register for the app will have access to benefits. Ubisoft has confirmed that it will release a semi-automatic pistol for the character Montagne. This weapon will be exclusive to players who pre-register in the game application.

The game has been redesigned to adapt to mobile devices. It can be played on both Android and iOS devices. The company does not say that it is necessary to have very powerful specifications to be able to run the game. Having a good SoC and more than 3GB of RAM helps to make games perform better.

The possibility of assembling an entire team with legendary characters has been added. This is the first time that it is possible to make this formulation in the entire franchise. Some of the characters available are Caveira, Sam Fisher, El Sueño, Montagne, Nomad among others.


Another novelty is the campaign mode. New chapters will be added, as well as a wide variety of unlockable soldiers and exclusive narrative scenes. In addition, it is also possible to play in PvP battles (player versus player), or form teams.

Although the game is already available in major app stores, it cannot be played yet. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad will only be available to run from August 27, which is its official release date.