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The Last Of Us II Could Have An October 2019 Release

Ever since The Last Of Us was released fans were instantly in love with the game and wanted more of it, Naughty Dog the developers behind the game have promised a sequel but still haven’t given us a proper release date but it seems that the release date has been leaked by a Peruvian retailer by the name of LawGamers.

Though all the news about the release date must be taken with a pinch of salt as there is no confirmation but we can be hopeful of the release date shown in the post which points towards an October 2019 release.

More details will be unveiled during this year’s E3 as Naughty Dog has been confirmed as one of the attendees in this year’s expo. Though Sony will not be making their presence felt a lot of games on the platform will have tons to share about the development and news about any game being released in the near future.

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