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All Titanage Controls List

Here are all the Titanage controls that you need to know to slay Titans.

Are you a fan of Attack on Titan? Then you will love Titanage. For those getting started with this Roblox experience, here’s where we will look at all Titanage controls that will help you be the best Titan slayer. Find out how to sprint, reload blades and all the buttons for grappling.

Roblox Titanage Controls List

all titanage controls list

These are all the Controls for Titanage.

  • Movement (Move forward, backward, right and left) – WASD
  • Left Grapple – Q
  • Right Grapple – E
  • Double Grapple – Q + E
  • Sheathe/Unsheathe Blades – F
  • Reload Blades – R
  • Sprint – W + W
  • Special Abilities – 1-7
  • Backpack – ` (this key is right above the TAB button on the keyboard)
  • Color and Warnings – Hold H
  • Settings – Esc
  • Jump – Space
  • Attack – Left Mouse Button
  • Zoom – Mouse Scroll Button

With these controls, you can take down the evil Monster Titans with your friends. Note that this game also has Xbox support.

Grappling is something that you may need some help with initially. What you need to do, to prevent getting stomped, is to master the art of grappling. Press the left grapple button Q and right grapple button E to protect yourself from damage. If you press the Jump button (space) you will get a better result too. Whenever needed, don’t forget to use the Double Grapple buttons (Q + E).

Just in case you some damage, make sure to heal with the help of the Medic NPC. Also, remember that if your gas tank is over, you won’t be able to grapple so keep an eye on that too. To increase your speed, you can use the Agility perks which will come in real handy.

So, go ahead, use these Roblox Titanage controls and slay those Titans. If you want to get some in-game rewards, freebies or boosts, don’t forget to use the Titanage codes mentioned in this article. We keep it updated for you with all the latest, active and available OP promo codes to redeem.