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Destiny 2 New Contact Public Event Walkthrough

Contact Public Event is on Titan, and here is a detailed guide on how to play and win it.

To play Contact Public Event in Destiny 2 that is moved to Titan, you have to start with some preparations. If you are among those players who are unable to unlock this Destiny 2 event and looking for details on how to complete it then here are step by step instructions.

Ruinous Effigy Exotic Trace Rifle


Destiny 2 Contact Public Event arrived this week which features a new Exotic Quest & Means to End quest. Completing it will unlock Ruinous Effigy Exotic Trace Rifle.

How To Complete The Titan Contact Public Event

Contact Public event is located near Sloane on the first platform where you spawn. After unlock it follow the rally flag, grab some ammo and start the event. At Siren’s Watch, you can find details on Contact Public Event.


Before you jump into action be ready with necessary weapons and armor. You will be facing four waves of enemies and then begins the Boss Fight. Surviving all 4 waves + Boss will complete the event and unlock rewards.

Go with high damage weapons, this will help you to deal with champion enemies in the quest. A high damage sword can act as one of the best melee weapons to inflict high damage on champion enemies. Your load-out must-have items to deal with Unstoppable, Overload, and Antibarrier weapons.

You will have to survive waves of enemies in Destiny 2 Contact Public Event. Until the boss appears and this is where everything ends. Enemies spawn during the quest can be a Hive or Fallen. Collect motes during the battle to reach the end of the quest.


You can earn additional rewards by turning Contact Public Event Heroic. For this look for the pyramid ship during the mote phase. Follow it and you will find an enemy champion, kill it and grab the bloom. Store it and repeat the same for 4 times. That is one for every weapon to turn the event Heroic.

Taken Ogre is the event boss, he is guarded by wizards. They are floating around the boss and heals him, so kill the Wizards first. This will stop Ogre’s healing and then fight the boss to end the quest. Playing with friends makes your job easier, otherwise, you can face tough times in solo.

Contact Public Event comes with new surprises every day. You will not see the Ogre regularly. New bosses are replaced but the challenge level remains the same. This is how you can complete Contact Public Event in Destiny 2 and unlock rewards.