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Tips To Level Up Fast In Borderlands 3 – How To Reach 50

Simple tips to level up fast

Borderlands 3 is chaos, and while shooting, killing and running you need to upgrade your character so that you can face stronger enemies. The character level defines the character strength and it will unlock new skills. So level up fast in Borderlands 3 can be a tedious job that demands a lot of grinding, but this does not mean you cannot level up fast in the game. In this Borderlands 3 earn XP Tips guide, I will show you some ways that will help you to level-up. Most of these strategies can be carried out while playing the game, and if you know exactly what to do to earn high XP then it will be easy to level-up the Vault Hunters.

Top Strategies To Level Up Fast In Borderlands 3


While playing the campaign, you will eventually Level-up, Main Missions will reward you a lot of stuff after completion. So it is the basic thing you have to do, complete Main Missions and it will by default help you to Level up in the game. With this, there are other more ways to Level up fast in Borderlands 3 and they are listed below.

1). Choose the Right Skills:

Before unlocking any Skill try to focus more on those which will improve your efficiency in the game. You have to spend a little time here understand what skills can offer you max damage and help you to clear up levels fast. With high damage build, you can take down stronger enemies easily, and save your time in replaying the missions. Some of them also boost XP, that will help you to level up fast in the game. Equipe Artifacts and Class Mod with XP Boost.


2). Kill Every Enemy in Lectra City, Promethea:

Lectra City is an amazing location to find enemies, scan the city well to find and take down every enemy that will help you to farm XP fast. If you are able to spend a decent amount of time here you will be able to reach certain level good enough to progress the main story.

3). Slaughter Arena:


Participate and complete all the waves of enemies in Slaughter Arena. It is the best place to farm XP in Borderlands 3. It can be a tough battleground if your character is on a lower level, I will recommend you to get some good weapons, skills and character level before you enter the arena. Slaughter Arenas will be unlocked while completing Story Missions, you can see their locations on the map. In total you have to face 5 rounds of attack, every round will be difficult than the previous one.

4). Proving Grounds:

Providing Grounds is new in Borderlands 3, and this battleground comes with a ticking clock. There is a time limit here to complete a challenge that can turn into an XP Bank. The difficulties are much higher compared to Slaughter Arena, so it is best to enter when you are sure enough. Providing Ground challenges can help you level fast.


5). Crew Challenges:

Crew Challenges are unique to every planet and it requires a little time to complete them. Because you have to visit different locations to first find an enemy and then defeat it. Crew Challenges are also an amazing source of XP farming and when you are ready to grind enough you can walk around completing Crew Challenges to get more XP.

5). Side-Missions:

I will advise not to play side-missions first, keep them for the end part. Try to complete main missions and enter into the Slaughter Arena after having some good weapons, skills and character weapon. If you are able to reach near to Level 50, then start playing the Side-Quest and add those XP to the level up business. Side-Missions are not that tough, so keep them reserve for the end.

6). Co-op:

Play with a friend who is already on a high level, this is a shortcut to get some good loot and earn high level fast. You will be able to play locked quest which requires a certain level, and if your co-op friend is already on a high level then it will save your time and you can earn good rewards easily.

If you follow all the above strategies you can reach high level fast in Borderlands 3, still a lot of grinding is needed and a major part can be covered by playing the main missions, side quest, and other challenges.