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Tips To Gather Resources In Ancestor Legacy PS4

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Resources are just as valuable to an army as its troops and having a vast resource will ensure that you will be able to recruit more troops and have more security in the game, this guide will show you how to get resources in Ancestors Legacy.

How to get resources in Ancestors Legacy


Once you successfully capture a settlement, click on the town hall and it will show you the option to recruit workers which will give you their resources.

Building a sawmill will make sure that you can get a constant supply of wood and you can even send workers to collect grain.

The icons on the map signify what resources are available around, this will give you a clear indication of what settlements are rich in particular resources. Select an appropriate place and order your workers to excavate for a resource. This process will begin giving you passive bonuses to resources available in that area.


You can also get free resources in Ancestors Legacy, so make sure that you keep a closer look on your map and check for carts with specific logos on them. Sending a unit will ensure you get your hands on some free resources.

Enemies can slow down your resources by attacking buildings, if destroyed you will have to rebuild so place a unit nearby to defend your settlements.

This is all there is to know about how to get resources in Ancestors Legacy.