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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List

Wondering what class you should play in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands? This Tier List will help you decide.

While Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands may only have a handful of classes you can definitely rank them in a Tier List. This list is important to help new players understand the different classes better. So in this guide, we will not only check the class Tier List for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands but also learn a bit about them.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List – Best Classes Ranked


best classes tier list for tiny tinas wonderlands

Before getting into this list these are just recommendations of the best classes in the game. This is no absolute list, when you like a class and can master it then you might even outplay the ones mentioned higher in this list. And while there is no defined meta yet, this list should be useful to you and be beginner-friendly.

Class Tier
Spellshot S-Tier
Spore Warden S-Tier
Stabbomancer A-Tier
Graveborn A-Tier
Brr-Zerker B-Tier
Clawbringer B-Tier


Let us learn about these classes.

S-Tier Classes

  • Spellshot: If you like magic then this class is for you. This class allows you spellweaving abilities that can increase spell damage and fire rate. These apply to both your gunplay and spells.
    • Action Skills
      • Ambi-Hextrous
      • Polymorph
  • Spore Warden: This class gets the ability to not only boost the abilities of their allies but also of their companions. They can also use Frost tornadoes.
    • Action Skills
      • Barrage
      • Blizzard


A-Tier Classes: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Tier List

  • Stabbomancer: You should use this class if you like playing Assassin and Critical hits are your thing. Not only that but this class is also able to deal damage that leaves status effects. This class is very fast but that comes at the cost of them being slightly weaker than other classes.
    • Action Skills
      • Ghost Blade
      • From the Shadows
  • Graveborn: If life-steal is your thing then this class is for you. This class is a bit on the advanced side as many a time using the abilities will cost you part of your own life. But this is balanced by the Demi-Lich Companion attacking with you thus increasing the damage. This class also allows you to summon minions.
    • Action Skills
      • Dire Sacrifice
      • Reaper of Bones

B-Tier Classes


  • Brr-Zerker: This class is best suited for beginners. You get to use melee attacks with it. While not on the same level but Brr-Zerkers too like Graveborn can use life steal.
    • Action Skills
      • Dreadwind
      • Feral Surge
  • Clawbringer: If you like using elemental magic then Clawbringer is for you. You can use various fire and lightning attacks with this class. The best part is your companion Wyvern also flies and deals damage to the enemies.
    • Action Skills
      • Cleansing Flames
      • Storm Dragon’s Judgment

That sums up this Tier List of the best class for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and the explanation for all classes. If you enjoyed this list then you should not miss out on our other Tier Lists. And for more things gaming check out Gamer Tweak.