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Timefall Rain In Death Stranding Was Inspired From A Horror Movie – Kojima

Rain that Speed Up Time

Death Stranding is unique, a game that will remain unforgotten for years – breaking down a key scene with Yoji Shinkawa, Hideo Kojima reveals how Timefall Event was concluded during an exclusive coverage by Gamespot.

Timefall Rain in Death Stranding speeds up time, raindrops falling on any living organism speeds up their life turning them to old and then dust within a fraction of minute. It is an unbelievable event revealed during the first cutscene of Death Stranding when Sam was riding his bike and crashes.


Kojima during a Death Stranding scene break down video revealed the idea of Timefall was inspired by an old Ernest Borgnine Movie called The Devil’s Rain released in the year 1976. During rainstorms faces of people melt like was if they are exposed to the rain, Kojima revealed he got the idea from the scene.

It features special effects by Rick Baker, and it was very frightening because when you are hit by the rain your face melts. Its very scary so I haven’t seen it, but that’s where the idea came from – Kojima

Kojima also shared that he gets easily scared by even Spielberg’s movies. At the beginning of the video, he explained the phenomena of being stranded, it’s like how Dolphins and Whales are stranded at a beach, the same applies to Sam Porter.


Kojima also revealed the crabs used in Death Stranding were real, alive crabs were brought in the studio and 3D scanned because Kojima was unhappy with handmade CG crabs. All are real in the game, later the studio digs a grave and buried them in honor of their service.