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Mario Strikers Battle League Character Tier List

Here is a Character Tier List in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Mario Strikers Battle League is a Football/Soccer Video Game made by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo. It brings all of your favorite Mario Characters into an action-packed Football game where each Character has some ability or another. As it is in many games, Abilities are never equal. There are going to be some better than others & this holds true for Characters. So in this guide, I will show you the Best Character Tier List in Mario Strikers Battle League that ranks all characters from S Tier to B Tier.

All Character Tier List in Mario Strikers Battle League


character tier list mario strikers battle league

Tier Character Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
S Tier Rosalina 14 9 17 10 13
S Tier Mario 11 12 14 10 16
A Tier Luigi 11 11 10 14 17
A Tier Bowser 17 9 17 11 9
A Tier Yoshi 10 10 17 17 9
A Tier Wario 17 9 15 13 9
A Tier Waluigi 15 16 9 9 14
B Tier Toad 9 17 11 15 11
B Tier Peach 9 17 9 13 15
B Tier Donkey Kong 16 9 13 16 9

As you can see, the Mario Strikers Battle League Characters in this Tier List are ranked based on how well their Stats are. Mainly the Shooting & Strength stats. Characters that have a decent spread will tend to be the best Characters and are in S Tier. There are no “Bad Characters” but they are outperformed by other characters in better Tiers. This is why Characters like Mario & Rosalina are in the S Tier as they have a decent spread of stats with good Shooting. Passing may be the weakest stat to have so having high Passing is a bit of waste. All Characters are viable, but they may not perform when required. So make a team based on what you will need. If you want to make a Solid team then I recommend you to have as many S Tier Characters & then fill your Team with the A Tier ones.


This was the Character Tier List in Mario Strikers Battle League. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Get All Unlockables in Mario Strikers Battle League.