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Lost Ark – Tier 2 Islands Routes Guide (March 2023)

All you need to know about tier 2 islands in Lost Ark.

Here is a guide on Lost Ark Tier 2 Islands. If you are looking forward to farming a ton of new materials then visiting them is a must. The new set of islands features a lot of materials that can help you to boost your gear. This guide is based on “Lost Ark | 8 Islands You NEED To Visit for Tier 2 Honing Materials” by Arekkz Gaming. Video is added just on the top you can watch, and if you have slow internet you can read the list below.

Lost Ark Tier 2 Islands Route Guide (March 2023)

Below is the list of islands extracted for the video. You can grab Tier 2 honing materials by exploring these new regions.

1. Aiwana Island: Located in Origins of Stern

Aiwana Tier 2 Farming
Image Credit: papunika.com

Go to the extreme west site region as marked on the map above. Look for the purple quest the Perfect Getaway. The quest objective begins with visiting the Peyto. This will take you to Aiwana island. Complete all the quests on this island including a hidden one that is unlocked by interacting with a wooden crate.

2. Liebeheim Island: Located in North East of Luterra

Liebeheim Island
Image Credit: papunika.com

After accepting the quest on this island go to Shushire. Complete all the quests in the region. This is the best place to farm a lot of Tier 2 rewards.

3. Fomona Island: Located in North East of Luterra

Famona Island - Tier 2 Farming
Image Credit: papunika.com

This is nearby to Luterra Port, on the northeast side. This island will reward you with decent Tier 2 honing materials. You can also replay the quest here with different gender characters to get more of those.

4. Revelry Row: Located in North East of Luterra

Riverly Island
Image Credit: papunika.com

The next one is Rivelry Row which is located a little far to the north side of Luterra. Complete a few quests here and grab some of the tier 2 materials instantly. Visiting these small islands will help you to get enough materials to boost your gear.

I had marked out four places to visit which are easy and will not take a lot of time. Do not forget to check the whole video for more locations to find Tier 2 Honing materials in the Lost Ark. So there you have it. This is all you need to know about the Tier 2 Islands in Lost Ark. As you can see, these islands make for some really exciting experiences that you definitely do not want to miss.

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