Three of the best casino games hidden in popular PC titles

Gaming and gambling go hand in hand – they’re both ways for you as a consumer to let off some steam and have some fun. They bring great highs and plenty of thrill, but when you combine the two, you get a new world of adventure. While we’re all about exploring the best PC games and the latest versions that come with them, we’re also partial to a dabble or two on the tables. That’s why we’re here to bring you all the gossip and the best PC titles that have our guilty pleasure mixed into them.

The games market is absolutely massive right now, and getting bigger all the time, so you can bet that nothing is slowing down this gaming world – and more and more people are getting on board. We love the newest game on the block even more than the next person – but we can’t deny that some golden oldies are already available and ready to play. We’re going to be taking a walk down memory lane – and giving you some of the most exciting games we have seen in history that encompass the idea of a casino within them. Controllers at the ready – let’s play.

GTA V – The Diamond Casino Resort

It wouldn’t be an article about casinos and PC games without the OG game that epitomizes just this. Although most of us are sitting around waiting for GTA 6 next year, we can’t help but be obsessed over the fifth edition. Grand Theft Auto V’s Diamond Casino & Resort is the very definition that we are looking for, as it created a fully-fledged casino within its game. From roulette casino games to slots and tables – GTA V has a huge lineup for what happens in this jam-packed place. The players can get lost in multiple areas and casino games while lapping up the luxury that is the GTA casino. It embodies the true essence of a Hollywood casino and mimics what we all know and love when we go ourselves.

It’s not just the casinos we love attending with this one either. It’s got thrill, adventure, and high-stake heists and missions that are all centered around this casino hub. It’s so much fun, and we are super excited to see the casino for GTA 6 – we hear it’s going to be even better!

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Poker

Red Dead Redemption is set in the Wild West and its game focuses a whole load of time on the idea of poker. The games we see are based on Texas Hold ‘Em – so it’s as realistic as you can get for a video game. Go around the game and you can play poker at the camp or in Blackwater, Flatneck Station, or Valentine. You can win in-game funds that you can use around the game, and it offers up an authentic old-western casino experience that we all see in the movies. There are a variety of storylines to follow, which all enhance the overall gambling experience – and make you feel like you’re part of the real deal. In the meantime, we’re all waiting longingly for RDR3.

Fallout: New Vegas – New Vegas Casinos

Fallout: New Vegas is based on a post-apocalyptic world, and lets you reenact a life that is the old Las Vegas. As you journey through what is left of this monumental city, you can actually explore all of the casinos. All of the goodies we know and love are available, such as blackjack and slots – showing you what the aftermath of Vegas could look like (if there was an apocalypse). There are many locations available and there’s plenty to win – but a whole lot to lose. It helps that there’s a storyline to the game, but the casinos don’t half make it what it is.

Here are the different locations you can play at the casino:

  • Atomic Wrangler Casino.
  • Vikki and Vance Casino.
  • Sierra Madre Casino (Dead Money).
  • The Tops.
  • Ultra-Luxe.
  • Gomorrah.
  • The Tops.

Many of these casinos are not available or don’t offer money until certain missions have been completed. So get started, get playing – and win yourself the chance to bet at some of the most fun casinos in town!

Now, we know these casinos don’t offer real-world winnings – because we’re not in a technologically forward world like that (yet)… But there’s something so fun about being able to mix the two. There are missions, excitement, and an actual reason to play, which all add to the authenticity of the games. And without you even realizing it, there are actually an abundance of big-name PC games out there that mix the two. From The Witcher to Watch Dogs 2 – try out all of the casinos and let us know which you love most, because you’ve got options galore, and PC gamers everywhere are delighted by this setup!