Street Fighter 6 Thrasher Location (World Tour)

Trouble finding Thrasher in Street Fighter 6? Here's how to find him.

The World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 is huge, so finding certain characters’ locations like Thrasher can be a pain. Once players complete the “Back to Metro City” mission, they are tasked with finding the leader of the Mad Gear Gang. To save your friendly rival Bosch, you must find Thrasher in Chapter 11-1 of SF6. Although his location is quite easy to access, you may not be able to find him without fulfilling one simple requirement. In this guide, we will tell you where to look for him.

Where to Find Thrasher in Street Fighter 6 (Location)

Find Thrasher in Street Fighter 6
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To find Thrasher in Repping Metro City Chapter 11-1, go to the Scrap Yard on the rooftop at nighttime. Thrasher won’t be available during the day, so go to the Hangout and rest until night. The location is marked on the map in Downtown – Center Street.

If you’re visiting this location for the first time in Street Fighter 6, then you must fight some Mad Gear gang members before you could meet Thrasher. To do so, visit Abigail’s Scrap Metal during the daytime. There, Mad Gear Elissa will inform you that Thrasher sleeps during the day. However, she won’t tell you his location. Once you return to this place at night, you’ll have to fight some goons. Here’s a list of fighters you must beat:

  • Mad Gear Glob (Level 30)
  • Toro (Level 29)
  • Mad Gear Dancer (Level 31)
  • Sketchy (Level 30)
  • Mad Gear Bull (Level 29)
  • El Toro (Level 31)
  • Madri (Level 32)
  • Mad Gear Dancer (Level 29)

Once you beat these enemies, talk to Mad Gear Butterfly. Now that you have Thrasher’s location, head over Downtown. As we mentioned, make sure you’re visiting his location at night to meet him. Once you meet him, he will tell you to send a message to the Crows Gang.

We hope this location guide helps you to find Thrasher in Street Fighter 6. Apart from Thrasher, you will meet many strong NPCs. If you want to make your character strong to beat them, then check out our Upgrade Locations in our SF6 guides section.