Those Who Remain Trailer: New Release Date, Enemies, and Locations

A new Those Who Remain trailer was shown.

Camel 101 and Wired Productions have published a new trailer of the psychological thriller Those Who Remain. In the video, locations of the town of Dormont were shown. Also, the plot events, enemies, and new release date were shown in it. The project will be released on PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox One on May 28, and not two weeks earlier, as the developers announced in the previous trailer.

A fresh video begins with a demonstration of the various locations of a small town. A snack bar, gas station, sawmill, roads filled with abandoned cars, and so on appear on the screen. Shots with the Dormont are sometimes used, and at these moments the protagonist’s escape is shown along the narrow paths from a large Nephilim.

In the second half of the video, some kind of puzzle with moving platforms appears on the screen. Then the main character Edward encounters a crowd of people with luminous eyes, and at the end of the trailer, a woman with a collapsed neck appears in the frame. She slowly moves toward the camera, and the scenery behind her is constantly changing. Apparently, the developers are hinting that the stranger will pursue the protagonist during the game.

Those Who Remain tells the story of Edward, who is an unfaithful husband. One evening, he decided to break off his relationship with his girlfriends, and for this, he came to her hotel. It was here that the main character first encountered horrors and darkness that broke free.

Source: Youtube