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Can You Switch To Play Far Cry 6 In Third Person?

Here's everything you need to know about Far Cry 6 third person gameplay.

Many players are confused due to videos of Far Cry 6 Third Person gameplay circulating on YouTube and other social media sites. So players are wondering how can you play Far Cry in the third person, and even is it playable in the third person, and so on. Today we will try to clear all your doubts regarding all the questions. Some may not be happy with the actual implementation of 3rd person mechanics in-game, but it is what it is. So let’s get right into it.

Is Far Cry 6 Third Person?


Is Far Cry 6 Third Person

No, Far Cry 6 is a first-person shooter game, and the only time you can see your in the third person is during the below situations:

  • While a cutscene is playing
  • During your visits to big Guerrilla Camps
  • While you are using Supremo ability


Third Person gameplay in Far Cry 6 is only enabled when you use Supremos. And that you won’t be able to move or interact with your character Dani in any other way. The Far Cry series has always been in first-person mode. But this time devs have added the third person mode in the game so the players may feel more connected to their character.

Can You Play Far Cry 6 in Third Person While Driving, Riding, or Flying?

Can You Play Far Cry 6 in Third Person While Driving, Riding, or Flying


Unfortunately, you cannot trigger third person gameplay mode while driving, riding, or flying in Far Cry 6. This would have helped the players so much. Even a toggle button of these modes like how Cyberpunk 2077 had in-game, would have been welcomed by the community. But alas, FC6 sticks to its root mainly as a first-person shooter game. And there is no way to play the game in any other modes unless Ubisoft adds it like how Rockstar added first person in GTA V.

That’s about the question, can you play Far Cry 6 in third person. If you looking for more FC6 tips & tricks, then make sure to check out more of our Far Cry 6 Guides.