Things We Would Like To See In GTA 6

Better Guns, More Cars, More Missions, Mods? What do you want to see in GTA 6?

Grand Theft Auto series has been the most dominant and popular gaming franchise in recent history and garners huge attention with each installment. Even though it has been over 7 years since a title in the series the game gets around 100,000 players logging in every single day to take part in things that do not seem to have an end.

But since the release of GTA V all the way back in 2013, the gaming industry has seen a ton of changes being introduced which at times do make the GTA V seems more like a relic when compared to other titles.

While the developers at Rockstar since GTA V have worked on other titles, there seems to have been absolutely no legitimate news about GTA 6 other than the fact that it is in production.

We’ve rounded up things that we would like to see Rockstart include in the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. This is our wishlist of things we believe would make the game even more immersive than it already is and bring in even more players making GTA 6 the biggest and best game there is for years to come.

GTA 6 Wishlist

I am adding my wish-list, things I want to see in GTA 6. Above all I want mod support, and the entire GTA IP is popular for modding. Rockstar must give it a green flag in GTA 63

1. Better Gun Controls

GTA 6 Guns

If you have gotten into GTA V recently, you will immediately see that the gun controls are horrid to put things nicely. The fact that the developers at Rockstar do not even give you the option of having a cross-hair in the game shows how ancient some of the game mechanics have been.

Every gun that you get in the game basically feels the same and all you get is a small little white dot that you have to aim at people to shoot them. Different guns do not even feel different and the recoil of each gun is similar and unnatural.

For a game that relies so much on violence to sell its theatrics, GTA 6 needs to have better gun controls and a more complete experience when a character holds a gun.

2. Driving Mechanics

GTA 6 Cars

Driving cars in GTA V is fun. We do not take it for granted and have driven countless miles on the streets of Los Santos cruising from one place to another but you get a similar experience wherever you drive. No two roads are the same and you can see this perfected in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Cars in GTA V seem to be paperweight at times as each car upon impact will either fly off the road or while driving will never give you the confidence of the rubber on your tire and the tarmac working in cohesion. Cars seem to glide on the streets of Los Santos and we believe this is one element that Rockstar can massively improve upon.

3. Missions

GTA 6 Missions

While most of the missions in the GTA series have been about either driving from one place to another, shooting someone down or a blend of these things it can severely hamper the experience. GTA V was the first game in the series that forced players to try out new things.

What we would like to see in GTA 6 is a less linear mission structure where the players have more control over how they want to complete the missions like in the Hitman series. This will make each player have a different experience and each play-through will feel different with different outcomes. This will massively boost the replayability of the title making every decision you make more cohesive to the story and them having consequences.

While we adore all the story-line that we’re fed by the writers at Rockstar but what if we could be the narrator of our experience of GTA 6, that would make the game even more memorable when it is your own actions that bring about a sudden and unexpected twist.

4. Aftermath

GTA 6 Mansion

While it is established that all of the GTA games take place in the same universe and all of the characters are from the same country, it would be incredible to see some legacy of the past characters left behind.

We would love to see the Vercetti mansion seen in Vice City if the city is brought back to the GTA Series, and not only as something that you can see but as a purchasable property where you can see how much the place has changed in the years. This will give us more depth in knowing what happened to our favorite characters over the years instead of being a part of a single line of dialogue in the never-ending script of the game.

5. Mod Support

GTA 6 Mods

If there is one demographic who can quickly recognize what the game lacks and add in independent content to improve the game they are the modders. GTA V has tons of unofficial mods that bring in more interior spaces making Los Santos feel complete as you can enter more buildings and find more stuff to do.

As expansive and ludicrous the exterior is, it really needs contrast with interiors and players having to do more at their safe houses than just change clothes, save the game, and other generic stuff. Modders are the quickest to react when they see something missing in the game and if GTA encourages this practice we will surely see works of art being poured in the game without Rockstar needing to do anything about it.

These are the top things that we believe should be included in the next installment of the GTA series, make sure to leave a comment letting us know if you have a brilliant idea in your mind about what you want to see in the game.

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