Who Is The Thief In Honkai Star Rail (Old Foreman’s Treasure Quest)

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In the Old Foreman’s Treasure Companion Quest of Honkai Star Rail, you are required to find a Thief. At the crime scene, you will be given 4 suspects – the Cook, the Merchant, the Tailor, and the Helper. Out of these 4 suspects, you need to pick the thief who has stolen Fersman’s Vein Detector. Upon completing this quest, you will be rewarded with precious rewards like Adventure Log, Stellar Jades, Credits, and much more. So, here’s how you can decide who’s the culprit in Honkai Star Rail.

The Old Foreman’s Treasure quest begins after interacting with Julius in Bowlder Town. After which, you need to head to the Great Mine and talk to Hook & Swetta. From there, your task of finding the Thief.

Who’s the Thief in Old Foreman’s Treasure Quest in Honkai Star Rail

Here’s how you can identify the correct Thief in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Firstly, talk to the Cook as he will give you a hint that maybe Helper is the Thief.
  • Further, you need to go and talk to the Tailor. However, the Tailor is completely innocent as she doesn’t know anything about the detector.
  • After that, you must talk to the Helper and exhaust the dialogues. Strangely, Helper is not your Thief as well.
  • Now, you need to go and interact with the Merchant. Eventually, you need to make a deal with him where he will spill the name of the Thief who stole the detector.

Who's the Thief in Old Foreman's Treasure Quest in Honkai Star Rail

The Cook is the Thief in Old Foreman’s Treasure quest of Honkai Star Rail. So, you now need to talk to the Hook again and select Cook as the Thief. After which, Cook will try to retreat until he finally stops at Sampo. Thereafter, you will be engaging in a battle with the Cook. Once you have defeated him, head back to Natasha’s Clinic to complete Old Foreman’s Treasure quest.

Now that you know the Thief in Honkai Star Rail, go and complete the mission to receive rewards. Also, make sure to get rewarded with extra freebies through our HSR Codes article on Gamer Tweak.

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