They Are Billions Tips To Win – Game Strategy & How To Plan A Strong Colony

Important things to remember to survive

After completing the basic levels you will progress to unlock new and bigger maps with more challenges. You will have a deadline before the Zombies attack, before this, you have set up everything in a way that your colony can withstand any incoming attack. So I am adding a strategy that can help you to win They Are Billions, these common strategies are applicable to all levels. In this real-time strategy, the building is everything, if you are able to place the right combination of buildings that deliver you enough resources you can then set up your own Soldier Center to build your army. To help you out and clear basic doubts about setting up a strong colony you can read and refer the strategy in this They Are Billions guide.

Best Strategy And Tips To Build The Strongest Colony

  1. Use Pause to plan your move, you can order your troops or set up construction without worrying about any incoming zombie attack. Pause mode will freeze the time, the game is more about strategy so try to memorize key commands.
  2. Colony Management is divided into four steps Attract Colonist, Gather Resources, Provide Energy and Guard the colony. Setup tents to attract workers, set up mills, cottages to gather food, construct Tesla Towers and Mills for power and build walls, gates, to protect the colony.
  3. To save time follow this build order, Cottages for food, around 6 to 7 tents, Sawmill, Wood Workshop, another Sawmill, Farms and then Marketplace.
  4. At some point, you will not be able to expand more, focus on upgrading existing buildings.
  5. Wood and Stone Towers are best to prevent Runners, they are good for defending your colony from inside. Zombies will attack whatever comes in their path so if you spot a horde then place a piece of wall. They get engaged for a while, till the time plan out your strategy.
  6. Always clear the surrounding zombies who are rotating around the camp. Clear them up to avoid unnecessarily wasting soldiers on them.
  7. Seal your colony before the first attack, that is around Day 20. Before it is not really necessary to create a good defense, save your resources. After Day 20 zombies will swarm from all direction.
  8. Try expanding your colony before the first wave of attack and get as much land as possible to increase your gold revenue.
  9. Aim to get around 2000 or higher colonist before the first attack, and keep on increasing the number till you reach the final day.
  10. Standard soldiers, rangers, snipers will reach veteran-status after killing enough zombies. They will level up and double their attack speed.
  11. Support your Towers, with turrets or snipers, that will help you to protect the towers from spitters and harpies.
  12. Attack Villages of Doom when you have enough soldiers like around 30 snipers, you will earn a lot of resources from there.
  13. There is one trick to minimize casualties if you are attacked by a zombie horde, set a group of soldiers in one place and control only one to walk around the zombies. That one soldier will attract them to follow keep running around near your group so that they can take them down and you don’t lose much of your soldiers. This is called kiting.

I will keep updating more tips in this guide to save your time in setting up a strong colony and survive the zombie attack.