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They are Billions A Melancholy Zombie Survivor RTS Adventure

They are Billions takes on a similar route to what made Age Of Empires such a massive hit, but this game manages to do quite the opposite. To start off, the game has been in development for ages and now that it is finally released it does not look more than a beta offering at best.

They are Billions Review

The one thing this game does is it takes a genre mostly famirialzed with PC gaming and brings it to console, which will in turn bring in more players to the game.

The campaign which was promised to be more than 60 of content lacks imagination and innovation. Rather you’re stuck doing the same old repetitive missions all over again every time you discover a new area. One of the most annoying things about this campaign is the fact that you will need a ton of settler huts, which makes sense in moderation but the over-reliance of this just crowds the map in general and ruins the aesthetics of the game.

The character design is good, there can be no complaints about it, but if you are constantly zoomed out and looking over the entire map. It doesn’t really make sense what the character looks like it just feels more like a pawn that you order around to do your bidding.

But if you leave all these things behind and just focus on the strategy aspect of the game then this is where this start to get serious, there is a sense of constant anxiety in They are Billions. You will know exactly how long you have left before the next attack and this is where your strategies are put to the rest.

You will need to be careful as even one zombie can ruin weeks of careful planning and infect the entire colony. You will be tested for your defenses and how you plan on expanding further.

The campaign and story may not be the strongest point of the game but there is certainly a sense of achievement every time you successfully defend each zombie attack and relief which quickly turns into despair as soon as you know when the next attack will be.

The survival mode is by far the most addictive part of the game which really lets you test yourself against hordes of town ravaging zombies who will not stop unless they destroy everything in their path and turn everyone into a zombie. It feels like the survival mode somehow uplifts the entire game

Though the campaign mode features a few elements which may surprise you, overall it is a game which will not overwhelm you neither will it underwhelm, there is so much potential for this game to grow and become more than that the developers at Numantian Games have offered.

Hopefully, future updates can rectify some of the boring elements of the game and take it to another level, by bringing in unexpected modes and increasing the level of difficulty and unpredictability of the game.

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They are Billions Review

The game will test your patience more than your skills to survive and grow and empire

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But the Survival mode takes things up a notch and brings all guns out