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How To Get Thestral Mount In Hogwarts Legacy

Here's a simple guide on how to get the Thestral Mount in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Thestral was a prominent creature in the Harry Potter series and players can get it as a mount in Hogwarts Legacy. This game took the world by storm since its announcement and players around the world are waiting to explore this magical world. With a few glimpses of the gameplay, we can already tell that it’s a massive open-world adventure. So to help you travel, various mounts are added to the game. And what’s a better mount than a Thestral to explore the lands as well as the skies? This guide will tell you everything about how you can unlock this skeletal horse and use it as a mount.


How to Unlock the Thestral Mount in Hogwarts Legacy

Thestral Mount in Dark Arts Pack

These skeletal horses made their first appearance in Order of the Phoenix. Although they look scary, they are resourceful creatures that helped Harry reach the Ministry of Magic and help Sirius Black. And in this game, they will help you to travel as well.
At the time of writing, those who have purchased the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition will get the Thestral Mount as a part of the Dark Arts Pack. Along with that, you will also get:

  • Dark Arts Cosmetic Set
  • Dark Arts Battle Arena
  • Dark Arts Garrison Hat

As of now, it’s not clear whether it will be an unlockable mount for regular edition players. But it will soon be revealed when the game launches on 10th February. But if you ordered a Deluxe or a Digital Deluxe edition, then you will get 72-hour early access to the game. Apart from these flying horses, the gameplay also revealed Hippogriff and Brooms as mounts. Using them, you can travel not only across Hogwarts but also to areas like the Hogsmeade village.
That’s all from us on how to get the Thestral mount in Hogwarts Legacy. We will have more guides on this game so make sure you check out GamerTweak.