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Comparing Witcher Show With Game Is like Food vs Bicycle – Witcher Author

TV shows and video games cannot be compared because they are too different

Andrzej Sapkowski, author for the Witcher Fantasy series of novels shared his opinion on how the TV show and the Game are two entirely different entities. During Sapkowski’s recent interview at i09, he shared that while asking about the comparison between The Witcher Netflix Show and The Witcher Game, he does not find any relation between the two. They both are different, and as he is not a vivid gamer he is not really the right person to ask.

The Witcher Fantasy Series Novels has become a base on which The Witcher game is crafted and was highly anticipated by audience worldwide. Netflix adapted the same content-based for a TV show which resembles similar characters from the Game and little bit of similarity from the Novel in terms of certain plots. As per the author, the Game and the TV show cannot be compared, its like comparing spaghetti carbonara with a bicycle.

I am not the great person to ask because the only games he has ever played are bridge and poker. Furthermore, TV shows and video games cannot be compared because they are too different.

Sapkowski also shared he is not really a video game fan, and prefer books for entertainment. The only games he had played is bridge and poker. He also shared his involvement was not major in the TV Shows as he does not like working hard or too long. You can read more responses from the author in the source link below.

In terms of the video game, The Witcher series had done really well and the TV show also counted among the top shows of 2019. The Witcher series is widely accepted by the audience in all the forms and it is still fun to compare. Second season of The Witcher Netflix TV Show is coming back in 2021.

Source: GameSpot.com