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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Free On GOG for Limited Time Period

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is free until midnight August 7 on GOG.

Totally surprising, CD Projekt Red has chosen to make a great gift for any lover of The Witcher series. In fact, on its digital store GOG, the company has chosen to offer The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut for free on PC, the remastered version of the first chapter of its great series that inspired the homonymous exclusive Netflix TV series that will soon give life to a spin-off.


The giveaway is only active for the next 12 hours, so you have until 00:00 tomorrow, Friday 7th August (so until midnight) to get the title. Once redeemed through the steps listed below, however, you can play it whenever you want.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition can be downloaded for free from this page, and once obtained through the dedicated giveaway page it will remain forever in your GOG library, totally DRM-Free.


Here’s the description of the game, via GOG.

Your name is Geralt of Rivia and you are a witcher, that means you kill monsters for a living. You were given special training to be the best at what you do and your body has been enhanced with potent elixirs to help you do it.

Suffering from amnesia you remember nothing of your past. Kaer Morhen, the last remaining keep of the witchers, was attacked by a mysterious organization, just as you were starting to lick your wounds there. The battle is won but the secret recipe for the mutagen, a substance required to create more of your kind, has been stolen. The surviving witchers set out to find and reclaim it and punish everyone involved. Memory loss or not, you are one of them.

Set in a dark fantasy world with a unique medieval, yet somewhat modern, feel to it, The Witcher isn’t just another fantasy RPG. With a deep story, complex characters, and tough choices that actually matter, this game will keep you glued to your monitor for days.