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The Unfinished Swan Dev Teases Something Related To the Title, Sequel Incoming at Gamescom?

Are we going to have a sequel to The Unfinished Swan announced this week? A freshly published tweet from the publisher Annapurna Interactive is at least causing speculation.

On Thursday evening, the Opening Night Live event will kick off this year’s Gamescom, which will take place in a purely digital format. As recently confirmed, we can look forward to no fewer than 38 new announcements at the event.


Under certain circumstances, those responsible at Annapurna Interactive will also be involved and use the digital event for one or the other new announcement. A freshly posted tweet by the company provides information for the corresponding speculation.

An artwork or a teaser graphic was shown that quickly reminds of the unusual adventure The Unfinished Swan from Giant Sparrow. Could the said graphic indicate that a possible sequel to The Unfinished Swan will be announced as part of Gamescom: Opening Night Live? We’ll know more by Thursday evening at the latest.

The Unfinished Swan was originally released in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and was later also implemented for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. In The Unfinished Swan, you control the protagonist Monroe from a first-person perspective, whose mother wants to pursue a career as a painter. However, she did not succeed in completing any of her pictures before her death.


Now it is up to Monroe to complete his mother’s works. After a mysterious incident, the protagonist finds himself in an initially completely white world, which he gradually colors.