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The Spectrum Retreat Door Codes

Here are all the codes to unlock all the Spectrum Retreat Doors

The Spectrum Retreat has a number of puzzles that will ask you to open unlocked doors. You will first need to locate the door launchpads and then the codes to open them. These codes will be hidden in the environment of the game. They will be 4 digit codes that are sometimes hiding in plain sight and sometimes difficult to find. If you do not want to waste time finding these codes, here in this guide, we give you all the door codes for The Spectrum Retreat.


The Spectrum Retreat Door Codes

Here are all the codes to open doors in The Spectrum Retreat.

Floor 1


The code for the first floor is found on a hanger near a doorknob. The hanger will appear once you have explored the path that leads to the restaurant area and the elevator.

  • Floor 1 Door Code: 1313


Floor 2


On the elevator opens on the second floor, follow the right corridor and then take the next left. Here you will find the keypad. Next to it will be a poster that will have one of the hints of the code. Scan this poster to get it.

  • Floor 2 Door Code: 5382

Floor 3


the spectrum retreat door codes

On the third floor, as soon as you exit the elevator, on your right you can see a painting. Scan it which should initiate a short dialogue and you will be told to go back to the restaurant. Take the note that is present on the table below the blue bird picture. Once at the restaurant, the receipt on one of the tables will reveal the code after a short dialogue.

  • Floor 3 Door Code: 3159

Floor 4

the spectrum retreat door codes

When you get out of the elevator on the 4th floor, go left from the fork and then take another left. There you will find the keypad. From the keypad, go right and continue going further until you find a white chair. Interact with the chair to open the door. There interact with the plans on the corner table and the book on the table. This will open the library for you on the first floor. There will be two circles on top of the rolling staircase. Line these up and look through them to find another staircase. do the same with this staircase to reveal one more staircase and then do the same with the third and the last one. This will give you the code that will be on a plaque.

  • Floor 4 Door Code: 2021

Floor 5

the spectrum retreat door codes

On the fifth floor, take the right hallway where you will discover the final code. There is a small pool of water beside it, examine it to open the door. There you will need to examine some plans on the table. Another door will open where you will again have to examine all the documents and plans. Then head on to the pool. There you will find three levers. Push the first lever down, the second upward, and the third one down. Then look through the viewfinder to find the code.

  • Floor 5 Door Code: 1474

So that is all for our guide on all the codes to unlock the doors in The Spectrum Retreat. If you would like to know all Hitman 3 Chongqing Door Codes, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.