The Producers And Writers Of ‘The Simpsons’ Will Be At E3 2019

In a surprising turn of event, the producers and writers of one of TV’s greatest animated shows will be present at E3. This is odd as E3 is all about video games and consoles but the presence of The Simpson staff may hint at a video game possibility.

The last Simpson game that came out was ‘The Simpson Hit & Run’ which more or less looked like GTA in Springfield, and a sequel to that will be great.

Do not get your hopes up though nothing as of yet has been hinted and no leaks have yet pointed towards a ‘Simpson Game’ being in development.

You can catch ‘The Simpson’ staff on June 11 E3 Coliseum panel, no one knows what they will discuss there or what it is even about, but their presence is more than welcome.

E3 confirmed this over their twitter account

The entire discussion will hopefully be streamed live like the rest of the show and you can then get an idea of what next is in store for the TV’s most beloved characters.

The Simpsons have been TV’s longest running episodic television show debuting in the year of 1989 and currently, on its 30th Season, the show is created by Matt Groening.