The Settlers New Allies Review (PC) – An Addictive Revival Of RTS

Here's a review on The Settlers New Allies, one of the latest Ubisoft installment in the RTS world.

The Settlers New Allies is Ubisoft’s latest action in the real-time strategy and city-building games genre, and this review will show you how it fares. After playing it for quite a while, it is safe to say that the game has the potential to reboot the long-forgotten RTS genre. The Settlers is a series that has been quite popular for decades. The gameplay and the different game modes are something that you can look forward to. It also houses an extensive campaign mode and splendid Skirmish battles against other players. There is a lot to explore in this game, but first, we recommend you go through this review.

The Settlers New Allies Review

The Settlers New Allies

Synopsis & Setting

The gameplay offers a good diversification with the campaign and the Skirmish battles. Starting with the tutorial, The Settlers New Allies has distributed every section a player will need if they are new to the RTS genre. Since I was away from this genre for a long time, the tutorial and the final practice were beneficial.

With three factions, you will explore the world as one of the Elari, the Maru, or the Jorn. Each has a background story, features, and playstyle, and the portrayal is splendid in fashion. Since the play styles vary, one will have to try each of them before settling on one. Personally, Maru and Jorn were interesting but did not come close to what the Elari offered in features and play style.

While exploring the Skirmish battles, the Hardcore mode is exciting. Even against AI, it is quite the exclusive challenge that makes this game even more enjoyable.

The Settlers New Allies also has a lovely soundtrack that keeps up with the game’s pace. That is one of Ubisoft’s unwritten and underrated abilities. Although obvious, the graphics are a class apart from other RTS games we have seen earlier. While the general pace feels slow on many occasions, you won’t notice the hours passing by while building and strategizing your plans.

General Gameplay

The Settlers Reboot Gameplay

The general gameplay will start like most RTS genre games, with a central figure warehouse and building your city in the surrounding areas. Since The Settlers New Allies offers almost an entire island, you will be busy exploring regions, flagging them as your own, and building your city with the resources you collect.

The option to train and make a functioning and massive army will follow soon. There are different types of troops that you will notice while playing. Since there are guaranteed hostile encounters across all game modes, I found it relatively easy to move, station, and deploy troops in all regions. There are certainly more military actions and buildings that seem pretty helpful.

Apart from the military, the role of engineers is quite fascinating and straightforward. They are in charge of building the city, surveying mines, flagging new regions as your territory, and others. One tip that I found helpful is that you will need engineers in abundance if you hope to make it big in any mode.

As we said, the Campaign mode is extensive, and the story is covered in different Acts. While playing the campaign mode, I found the story to be smoothly paced, with room for future inclusions and updates.


The verdict of The Settlers New Allies is that it is a promising new start and worth exploring. Spending time exploring the different shores and locations I landed on or battling the AI in hardcore mode has been quite entertaining. And the general setting of the game allows it to follow up with new updates in terms of extending the storyline, bringing new locations to the fold, or other additions to the gameplay.

Of course, there is a lot of exploring left to complete that I will get back to. I will eagerly await any updates or DLC that the game may drop. Last but not least, Ubisoft Connect provides challenges and gameplay that are pretty good occasionally.

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A Solid New Start

The Settlers New Allies - A Promising RTS Revival

The overall game experience is an entertaining time spent in an RTS world. It's worth exploring the graphic boost, new landmark locations and other features that have been brought to a city-building game.

  • Gameplay & Setting 8
  • Locations 8
  • Campaign Story 7
  • Skirmish PVP 8