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The Riftbreaker Will Be Free on Launch Day Via Xbox Game Pass

According to what emerged from the pages of Xbox Wire, The Riftbreaker, a new action RPG developed by Exor Studio, will debut on Xbox Game Pass starting from day one. Although the official release date is not known at the moment, the latest title from the Polish software house should debut on the service this fall.

According to information released by Paweł Lekki, producer and designer of Exor Studios, the game will count on an isometric view and will be a mix of base builder mechanics and action RPG, up to leading to some survival elements.


The Riftbreaker will allow players to take on the role of Captain Ashley Nowak, a member of the elite squad and armed with a powerful mecha-suit. His task will be to travel to a distant planet (called Galatea 37) and prepare this new world for human colonization.

The clip, which you can easily retrieve at the bottom of this news, allows us to take a first look not only at the gameplay of The Riftbreaker but also at the amazing graphic rendering.

Furthermore, we point out that the Polish software house has made a demo of the game available for download, allowing players to experience the events that take place before the campaign that will characterize the main story of the game.


Waiting to find out more details on the Exor Studio action RPG, we remind you that The Riftbreaker will debut this fall on Xbox platforms, PC (Steam) and from day one it will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.