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Destiny 2 Dawning 2021 The Pigeon Provides Quest Guide

Here is a detailed Quest guide on The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2.

The Pigeon Provides is Quest in the Dawning 2021 Event of Destiny 2. It is a series of mini-quests that on completion will provide you with an epic reward, the Zephyr Sword. In this guide, I have written a step-by-step process on how to complete the Pigeon Provides Quest in Destiny 2 and get the Legendary Zephyr Sword.

How to Complete Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides Quest (Steps)

zephyr sword in destiny 2

Before you can start The Pigeon Provides Quest, you must complete The Lost Splicer Quest. The Lost Splicer is a prerequisite to The Pigeon Provides Quests in the Dawning Event. Given below are the Steps for completing The Pigeon Provides Quest in Destiny 2.

Activating The Pigeon Provides Quest in Destiny 2

Once you have completed The Lost Splicer Quest, you will be able to activate the Pigeon Provides Quest. Go to the Tower in the Last City, you will find an NPC by the name of Eva Levante. Talk to her and the quest will begin.

Converse with Saint-14

After you have activated The Pigeon Provides Quest, you will have to visit and talk to Saint-14. He is an NPC with a Knightly outfit and he is in the Tower as well. Find him and have a chat.

Go to Eventide Ruins on Europa in Destiny 2

eliksni recipe in destiny 2

Once you are done talking to Saint-14, he will give you a mini-quest to find the Eliksni Recipe. To find the Eliksni Recipe, you will have to travel to Eventide Ruins on Europa. As you spawn into Eventide Ruins, go to the rightmost Cliffside. There will be a Cave opening and at the Cave Mouth, you will find the Eliksni Recipe.

Collecting Resources for the Eliksni Recipe for the Pigeon Provides Quest in Destiny 2

After collecting the Eliksni recipe, you will get a list of the resources that will make the recipe. The recipe list is:

  • Pure Ether Extract x3
  • Harpy Eggs x10
  • Glacial Starwort x5

You can get Pure Ether Extract by opening up Boss Cache Chests that are found at the end of the Lost Sectors in Europa. Defeating Vex Harpies will drop Harpy Eggs as an enemy drop. Go to Lost Sectors near the Asterion Abyss to get the Harpy Eggs. Glacial Starwort is a planetary material found on the surface of Europa in small glowing containers. To get a sufficient amount of these items, you may have to repeat the above steps multiple times.

Generate Dawning Spirit in Destiny 2

The next step is to generate 15 Dawning Spirit. There are multiple ways of generating Dawning Spirit in Destiny 2. You can get them by defeating enemies, giving gifts to other NPCs, etc. Here is an in-depth guide on Dawning Spirit.

Collecting Resources for Etherdrips

The next mini-quest that will get unlocked is to collect 2 more resources that will make Etherdrips. You will need:

  • Etheric Spiral x5
  • Kelldough

You can get Etheric Spirals from nodes and chests that are scattered across the Tangled Shore. Kelldough is a purchasable item from the Spider in the Tangled Shore. You will need Dawning Spirit to buy Kelldough. So, make sure you get enough of Dawning Spirit from the prior step.

Go back to Saint-14 in Destiny 2

saint 14 in pigeon provides

Once you have done collecting all of the Resources and have completed all of the Resources, you will have to head back to the Tower in the Last City and talk to Saint-14. After talking to him, you will get the Polycarbon Powder Shader.

Eliksni’s Treat in The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2

After talking to Saint-14, go to the Eliksni Quarter which is accessible from the Helm. In the Eliksni Quarter, you will have to give treats to 15 Eliksnies.

Revisit Saint-14

After Treating the Eliksnies, head back to Saint-14 and talk to him. He will give you the last mini-quest to complete. All you have to do is go back to Eva Levante.

The last Quest of The Pigeon Provides

Head back to Eva Levante from the Tower and you must talk to her. Once you talk to her, you will get the Legendary Zephyr Sword.

These were the steps on completing The Pigeon Provides Quest from the Dawning Event in Destiny 2. Hopefully, this guide was detailed and simple enough to help you in your journey. You can also check our guides on Dark Frosting in Destiny 2.