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The Outer Worlds – All Achievements And Trophies List

Can you get them all?

If you are looking for the achievement and trophies list for The Outer Worlds, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will show you all the unlockable achievements and trophies that you can get to as you progress. Let’s take a look at all of them.

Achievements and Trophies in The Outer Worlds

Note that not all of these will be available in the main story. For some, you have to do some extra tasks. Also, there will be some spoilers here because we will be mentioning the achievements and trophies from the main story as well as the ones apart from that.

  • The Outer Worlds Platinum Trophy – Collect all trophies in The Outer Worlds to get the Platinum one.
  • The Outer Worlds – Complete the game. Any difficulty is enough to get this achievement.
  • Hard – Complete the game on the difficulty level of Hard.
  • Supernova – Complete the game on the Supernova difficulty level which is the highest one.
  • Welcome to Halcyon! – Reach Emerald Vale.
  • Best Friend – Go ahead and recruit a companion.
  • Silver Tongue – Use dialog skills thirty times in your conversations.
  • Flawed Hero – Get three Flaws.
  • Poor Sportsmanship – Hit 30 foes in the groin during the Tactical Time Dilation.
  • Elemental Maelstrom – Kill an enemy by using all five damage types.
  • Patient N – Kill 20 enemies with N-Rays.
  • Ticket to Anywhere – Get a ship of your own.
  • Something’s Fishy – Go to Stellar Bay.
  • Dentastic – For this, you must save the universe’s greatest diet toothpaste recipe.
  • Paradise Found – Reach Byzantium.
  • Pirate Radio – To get this, you need to stop the Monarch broadcasts.
  • Hard Time – Reach Tartarus.
  • Lost and Found – You need to skip the Hope for this achievement.
  • The Audience Gasps – Learn the colony’s shocking truth.
  • SubLight to the End – Complete the SubLight quests.
  • Peace in Our Time – If you broker peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI, you can get this achievement.
  • Monarch Abides – Win the Stellar Bay battle.
  • Mightier than the Sword – Permanently save Edgewater for this achievement.
  • Ludwig was Right – Go ahead and bring robo-destruction to Edgewater.
  • A Star is Born – Star in an Odeon Pictures movie for this.
  • The Cartographer – Deal with the cartographer for this achievement.
  • Sunburn – To unlock this, you must skip the Hope into the sun.
  • The Harder They Fall – Kill a mega creature to unlock this.
  • Got Your Back – Kill 50 foes with companion abilities.
  • Upgrades Available – Improve your gear 30 times by tinkering.
  • Never Seen – Kill 50 opponents with sneak attacks.
  • Short Circuit – Kill 30 automechanicals using shock damage.
  • Health Insurance – Use the medical inhaler three hundred times.
  • We All Fall Down – Convert 100 foes to ash with plasma damage.
  • Tossball All Star – Kill 50 enemies with a tossball stick or blocker.
  • Everything Must Go – Sell 10,000 bits worth of stuff to vendors.
  • Everybody Likes Me – Have a positive connection with 3 factions
  • Destroyer of Worlds – Have negative reputation with 3 factions.
  • Not the Best Choice – Make sure to equip Spacer’s Choice brand clothing, headgear and 4 weapons.
  • Well Dressed – At the same time, wear ‘A Nice Hat’ and ‘Chimaera’.
  • Level 30 – Reach level 30 of character.
  • Skilled – Increase a skill to 100.
  • Jack of All Trades – During TTD, use a science weapon sneak attack to kill an enemy. Critical hit is essential.
  • Well Balanced Breakfast – Simultaneous bonuses for alcohol, caffeine, meat, carbs and sugary drink.
  • Anything for a Friend – Complete a quest line of a companion.
  • Mad Scientist – Kill an opponent with 4 science weapons.
  • Impossible Mission – Secure 3 dialog conversation checks with a single disguise.
  • All for One – Complete all companion quests.
  • One for All – Recruit all companions.

So these were all the achievements and trophies in The Outer Worlds. To get more useful tips and tricks, check out our The Outer Worlds guides.