The Last of Us Part III Will Be Even Harder To Make Than Part 2, Neil Druckmann Confirms

The action-adventure title of Naughty Dog, The Last of Us Part II, is currently dividing the video game community that went through a review bombing on Metacritic. Not everyone likes the new adventure, which is written quite provocatively. But what about a third part or The Last of Us Part III?

Neil Druckman, Game Director at Naughty Dog, told Indie Wire that The Last of Us Part III is very difficult to implement. Even more difficult than was the case with Part II.

I’ll be a little vague and cagey as you can expect, but I think the test for whether or not to make a “Part III” would have to be a similar test to what we did with “Part II.” With the first game there were no expectations and it was like we could do anything. But now that we’ve established certain characters and themes and processes, it felt like to justify making a “Part II” we had to do something not that fans would just be comfortable with, but do something that would match the emotional core we found in the first game.

And without that, there’d be no reason to do a “Part III.” Finding it with the sequel was much harder than it was with the first game, and going forward it would be exponentially harder to justify going back to that world and finding a way to vary things up. There’s already so many things you’ve seen about the backstory, about how the outbreak happens, so we’d really have to figure out how to create a new experience that matches the emotional impact of these stories and I don’t know what that is. Currently.

This doesn’t mean we won’t get The Last of Us Part III, just that Naughty Dog has to find the right story for another sequel. Part III must be a game that has permission, not just a simple addition. The Last of Us is considered a masterpiece and even if Part II can be discussed in many ways, Naughty Dog has once again produced a game that, like no other, has managed to generate important discussions.

Now it’s time to wait and see whether Naughty Dog develops The Last of Us Part III or whether we get something completely different.

Recall that The Last of Us Part II is now available on PS4.