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The Last of Us 2 Story Trailer Recreated Using LEGO

The excitement of being able to play The Last of Us 2 is very high, because seven years after the first installment, PlayStation 4 users will finally be able to know what happened after the events of the previous game. To generate more excitement, in recent months Naughty Dog has released several trailers in which you can take a look at the new adventure. Well, one of them was recreated with LEGO and it looks amazing.

The YouTube user Pavesome Films took inspiration from the trailer for the old release date of The Last of Us 2 and recorded all of the teaser scenes, but with LEGO figures. The result, as you can see at the bottom of this news is outstanding, as it is seen that he took care of every detail so that the original trailer did not lose its essence. Besides, the animations of the faces of the characters were very well detailed.


In the video of Pavesome Films, some sequences stand out, such as the one in which Dina is talking to Ellie, since she is carrying a cigarette the size of a taco (burrito) in her hand, because it is the smallest size of items that a LEGO character can hold by hand. Another problem with the size of the objects was the LEGO backpack, in which the pistol barely fit.

Later, it can be seen that the user replaced the new infected variant, the Bloater, with what appears to be a hot dog spike with a line of mustard or ketchup. It is important to say that all the elements that appear in the video are from LEGO.

Pavesome Films definitely did a good job recreating this trailer. We leave you with the original video and the user’s work below, so you can see the comparison.


The Last of Us 2 will debut on June 19 on PlayStation 4.