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The Last of Us 2 PS5 Version Could Be Incoming?

Will the dark action-adventure The Last of Us 2 possibly get a technical PS5 upgrade? The supposedly decisive information could have been provided by a retailer’s product description.

The Last of Us 2 Coming to PS5?


In the past few weeks, numerous developers and publishers have announced free next-gen upgrades for selected games. If we believe current rumors, then the dark action-adventure The Last of Us 2 could also be one of the titles that are being made fit for the PlayStation 5.

A current product description from BestBuy could have provided the supposedly decisive information. It says that The Last of Us: Part II supports a next-gen upgrade.

Now, of course, the question arises as to what is meant by the term next-gen upgrade in this case. Is BestBuy really referring to a major next-gen upgrade that just hasn’t been announced yet? Or does it just mean that The Last of Us Part II is playable on the PS5 thanks to the backward compatibility and benefits to a certain extent from the new hardware?


Since those responsible at Naughty Dog or Sony Interactive Entertainment have not yet wanted to comment on this topic, the retailer’s information should of course be taken with a big grain of salt. Should any information from official sources follow, we will of course immediately bring you up to date information with the current state of affairs only on GamerTweak.com.

The Last of Us 2 was released in June this year for the PS4.