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The Last of Us 2 New Gameplay Video Shows Ellie’s New Skills & More

After talking about the controversial story of The Last of Us 2, the studio has now released a new gameplay video of the title featuring Ellie’s new skills.

Naughty Dog has revealed today the second installment of the four videos of The Last of Us 2 in the form of development diaries. The second video focuses on showing how the game will give more options to Ellie being more agile and more skilled than the merciless Joel.


The video shows the abilities of the character like jumping, lying down, and crawling to sneak through various places and other techniques that are useful both in the moments of exploration or hiding and for those of combat.

The PlayStation Studios team has also taken advantage of this video to convey that the current gaming world of The Last of Us 2 is bigger and more plural. There are possibilities and paths that some players will not even notice, but that it is not necessary to follow either, although parts of the story and some resources will be lost.

In fact, the latter is linked to a design decision that future players should already be aware of: it will not be possible to fully develop the protagonist in one pass. This second chapter focuses on the gameplay and throughout the video, some top Naughty Dog managers explain the different mechanics of The Last of Us 2. You can check the gameplay video below.


It is important to mention that in the next few days and weeks we will see more development diaries like this one in which other things related to the global vision of the game will be shown.

Remember that The Last of Us 2 will release on June 19 exclusively on PS4.


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