Naughty Dog Has “No Plans” for The Last of Us 2 DLC Or Multiplayer, Japan Sales Figure Successful

Players who have worked their way through The Last of Us 2 should ask themselves whether the storyline will be expanded with a DLC. The creative director of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, commented on this. A sales figure also arrived from Japan.

The Last of Us 2 has been on the market for a week. The plot has been controversial in the past few days. Ultimately, most players seem to be excited, which raised the question of additional content. For example, will there be downloadable content for The Last of Us 2 in the form of a story expansion?

Neil Druckmann was asked this question in a Kinda Funny podcast with Greg Miller. The answer was short, but clear. “No there’s no plans for DLC,” the creative director said clearly.

But what about a multiplayer expansion? The company was able to gain experience in this area with the Factions mode, which was incorporated into past games by Naughty Dog. But in the case of The Last of Us 2, you may have to do without it.

Druckmann’s answer can be interpreted in different ways. “I remember when we used to make multiplayer games,” is the short statement.

The past tense could indicate that Naughty Dog no longer wants to make multiplayer titles. Since no further words could be elicited from the creative director, such a mode is not excluded, at least in theory.

There is no question mark behind the success of The Last of Us 2. We have already reported that the title tops the charts in the UK and Germany. But things are going well in Japan too.

Overall, the game sold a total of 178,696 copies in Japan in the introductory week, which is quite impressive given the size of the market. In fact, it went so well for The Last of Us 2 in Japan that the title became Sony’s most successful first-party launch there – at least in terms of sales of the entire PS4 generation in the introductory week.

Only Death Stranding could have done better. However, Kojima Productions is not owned by Sony. Here is a comparison:

The Last of Us 2 is now available on PS4. Check the latest news and guides on The Last of Us 2 at this link.