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The Iron Oath Trailer Revealed: A Pixel Art Tactical RPG

Take a trip down memory lane with this tactical RPG called The Iron Oath. This game is slated to release on Steam at the end of this year and to create hype for it, an official reveal trailer was shown during today’s IGN’s Summer of Gaming event.

The Iron Oath Official Trailer


Have a look at the trailer right here:

This game got a head start through Kickstarter back in 2017 and now its ready to be shown to the world. From the trailer, it is revealed that your tasks in this game will involve managing your mercenary company, exploration of a dynamic overworld and unveiling of a lot of mysteries. It is, at its core, a management system where the outcomes of various missions decide your future. Pretty exciting.


One of the most interesting aspects is the pixel art graphical style which will surely give you a dose of nostalgia. If you are a fan of this art style as well as a fan of tactical RPG games, this is a game you can look forward to. It also features a hexagonal grid-based combat as you complete various missions. Every character will have a story, their personalities will change as per situations and  they will also age.

IGN also has a gameplay interview with the developers of The Iron Oath, Curious Panda Games. Check it out in its entirety here:


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