The Ascent Looks Like It Can Very Well Bring Back That Nostalgic Goodness


The Ascent Looks like finally, someone had the epiphany that not all games need to be and feel like a first-person or third-person perspective shooter. You can bring back the style of some of the best to ever release and create a world unique to you.

Gone were the days where you could play a AAA title with 80’s mechanic. A sort of nostalgic gameplay was all it took to get me hyped up for The Ascent. By the looks of the cinematic trailer, I was kind of apprehensive but this gameplay will surely get tons of people over.

Earlier games like these would be the generation-defining and I wish for The Ascent to be one of them. Xbox Series X is carving a visible line in history to be one of the most vibrant and powerful consoles ever.

Combined with the artistic vision of today’s artists in a call back to some of the best moments of their childhood could realistically be revolutionary.

There is a clear visual involved, this will keep on building as you progress in the game. This isn’t trying to be anything else and the visuals speak that for themselves.

The cinematics shows up a densely populated world and this will build up expectations of having to feel that in the game. If the game feels as good as it did throughout it will set new parameters opening doors for many developers to step in this direction.

A lot is riding on this and this might be the one that ends up impressing the world, we’re certainly hoping so for it and thing that The Ascent should usher gaming into new heights.

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