The Ascent: How To Fix Ultrawide/FOV Issues

Find out all the possible fixes that you can use for the Ultrawide and FOV issue.

The Ascent is now developing some display issues which affect the Ultrawide display FOV mode without any official fix available. This is pretty annoying as the POV is one of the unique features of The Ascent. However, the online community has come to the rescue of a game once again. So, scroll down and find out the best fix for these Ultrawide/FOV issues in the game.

How to fix the Ultrawide/FOV Issues in The Ascent?

How To Fix Ultrawide/FOV Issues In The Ascent

  • First, go to the Ascent Ultrawide and Superwide Fix webpage in the interlinked webpage by clicking on the blue words.
  • Now, look for the proper file and choose between the Steam and Xbox Game Pass version of the game.
  • Download the file and then unpack it in the game’s files.
  • Make sure you make a separate game folder to keep this file.
  • Now, launch the game followed by this tool.
  • Use the password ‘pcgw‘ in lowercase.
  • Now, look at the keys that the tool has assigned as hotkeys to toggle and fix the Ultrawide/FOV issues in The Ascent.
    • F9—Black Bars, Aspect Ration, and FOV Toggle
    • F3—Decreased field of view
    • F4—Increase field of view
  • Make sure that this tool runs in the background constantly.
  • If you close the tool the game will reset back to its original FOV.

If you are using any anti-virus software there might be some issues. So, you will have to turn that off. There isn’t any official word from the devs about this issue yet. It is more likely that if there is enough outcry about this, the devs will release a fix of their own.

SO, this is everything you need to know about how to fix the Ultrawide/FOV issues in The Ascent. While you are here you can also have a look at The Ascent Cheat Codes & Console Commands as well as how to Heal in the game.