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V Rising Terrorclaw The Ogre Location & How To Defeat Boss

Here is how you can find the location of Terrorclaw the ogre in V Rising and tips to beat him.

A fearsome level 68 V Blood Carrier in V Rising, Terrorclaw is also a recluse that we all want to find. In this hostile world, V Bloods are some of the most valuable targets to beat. This is because they help you unlock new crafting blueprints along with other powerful abilities. You can easily track these creatures’ scents but it is definitely easier to find them when you know where exactly they actually are located. This keeps you prepared for the fight ahead. And so, if you’re looking for the location of Terrorclaw Ogre to beat him in V Rising then this is the guide for you!

V Rising Terrorclaw the Ogre Guide


Here is how you can locate and defeat Terrorclaw in the game.

Where to Find the Location of Terrorclaw the Ogre

Location of Terrorclaw the Ogre in V Rising
Map credit: Map Genie


As part of the Hallowed mountains, more specifically the southern part of this region, you will find Terrorclaw the ogre easily. This is the location of his Frozen cave. Luckily for you, he is indoors and so, there is no fear of the sun coming in the way as you fight him to death.

How to Beat the Terrorclaw Ogre in the Game

Even though he is a Level 68 boss, he is pretty easy to beat. With no surprise attacks and repeated attack patterns, you should be just fine when fighting him. This boss is perhaps too easy to take on and so, there isn’t much bounty that you can collect from him as well.


However, it is advised that you reach a Gear Level of 68 at least before you take him on. Lest you undermine this monstrous beast. The following is a list of what Terrorclaw’s attacks are in V Rising:

  • Spit Attack: Shoots a freezing projectile to slow you down.
  • Club Swing: Terrorclaw comes equipped with a club that he swings freely. This is his best and most dangerous move against players.
  • Arctic Leap: This move has him jumping and slamming the ground below him to cause a ripple of ice to come out and hit players in the damage zone.

So, how do you beat this monstrous ogre then? Well, all that you need to do is maintain your distance. This will help you dodge and fly away as soon as he conjures up an attack. While you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt to also have some healing items with you. Since your health will be depleting faster than you would normally expect.


This is how you can find the location of Terrorclaw the ogre as well as beat him in V Rising. If you liked this article then why don’t you check out this one on all of the boss locations by level & where to find them in V Rising.