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Rumors: Chinese Company Tencent Tries to Rescue System Shock 3

Tencent may work on Rescue System Shock 3

Recently, the user of a ResetEra forum, with Mr. Tibbs nickname, noted that the owner of the systemshock3.com domain is the Chinese media conglomerate Tencent.

According to the information on the Domain Tools website, the change took place on April 13th. On the same day, Tencent Holdings Limited, as indicated on the portal, became the owner of systemshock4.com.

Such permutations forced ResetEra players to think that the Chinese giant could eventually be the publisher of the long-suffering System Shock 3 or even the owner of the development studio called OtherSide Entertainment.

We remind that in recent months there have been persistent rumors that OtherSide Entertainment is not going through the best of times. As we know, most employees left the company, and the rest are trying to make at least somehow save the company.

The studio itself is still operational. Walter Somol, who is the vice president of marketing and business development, recently announced that the Boston division is working on a new project. And System Shock 3 is being created in Austin division.

At the same time, such a deal would not be a novelty for Tencent. Earlier, the Chinese media conglomerate invested in Yager Development and Platinum Games, as well as bought shares in Sumo Group, Fatshark, Grinding Gear Games, and Epic Games.

As for System Shock 3, it was planned to be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The development is led by a game designer named Warren Spector, who led Deus Ex and Thief: The Dark Project.

Source: ResetEra