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Diablo Immortal: Temple Of Namari Dungeon Walkthrough

Here is your guide on completing the Temple of Namari Dungeon in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal has been keeping fans on their toes, whether it’s for good reasons or out of frustration. The game has players completing all kinds of quests as they wander around the Sanctuary. A way that players can level up in the game is by completing different dungeons. One of these is the Temple of Namari Dungeon in Diablo Immortal. And so, here is your guide to completing this dungeon.

How to Complete the Namari Dungeon in Diablo Immortal


The Temple Of Namari Dungeon Diablo Immortal

To complete this dungeon, players must first enter the ‘Final Summoning‘ in the Bilefen storyline. This will be the seventh quest in the storyline. You will have to face the final boss, Sargoth after beating three random sub-bosses first. Here is how you can get to this boss:

First Section


In this section, you will go through a single corridor

  • This will lead you to a large chamber sealed with a fog gate
  • Defeat the Skeletal Warriors and Archers in the hall
  • The barrier will clear up now
  • You will now see Namari in the center of the next room
  • Speak to Namari
  • Two waves of skeletons will now appear from the ground
  • Make sure that you are careful when dealing with the Skeletal Mage and Skeletal Marauder
  • Defeat the skeletons and Namari will remove the magical barrier

Second Section


In this section, you will find three Skeletal Mages

  • These Mages will summon all kinds of monsters
  • Destroy the summons first
  • This will now remove the mages’ protection
  • Move away fast as they will explode into blue flames when they die
  • After you deal with them, go after the summoned monsters

Third Section


This chamber will be similar to the previous room with the mages

  • These mages will be tougher to handle though
  • The mages here will be equipped with shields that make them invincible
  • Now, slay all of the summoned demons in the center of the ring to dispel the shields
  • Now that you have managed to clear the area, Namari will open the gateway to Sargoth’s lair.

How to Defeat Sargoth in the Temple of Namari

Here are all of the primary abilities of Sargoth that you need to watch out for:

  • Nephalem Warrior Summon – Using this ability, Sargoth will summon four ADDs that will join the fight.
  • Missiles of Fire – This is one of his AoE attacks where he will rain down blue flame projectiles.
  • Freezing Spikes – This is another one of his AoE attacks. Here, he will spawn and shatter a couple of spiked orbs in the game.

The best way to fight him is by staying close to Sargoth as you hit him with your melee weapon. Then, when he uses an AoE attack, you should immediately leap out of the way. we also recommend working with a group of a minimum of two players as going through the dungeon and fighting this boss becomes a whole lot easier.

What are the Mini-bosses that Sargoth Summons

Here are all of the possible minibosses that Sargoth summons in Diablo Immortal.

  • Coldsnap – This boss can deal ice damage as he raises his mace and smashes down onto a particular area.
  • Siegebreaker – This boss has a charged attack that knocks players into the air and deals quite a lot of damage as and when you get hit.
  • Ashen Marauders – There are three marauders that Sargoth uses. One has a spinning ability, another has a dashing attack and the final one will throw homing projectiles onto the player. Be careful of this three-in-one boss as you try to complete the Temple of Namari Dungeon.
  • Fallen War Matron – This is a miniboss that you will have to keep your distance from. Make sure that you aren’t standing in just one place as well before its quadruple slamming attack comes at you.
  • Torrid One – Attack this miniboss from the back or side as its fiery rings are deadly.
  • Voracity – This undead boss will put out extremely dangerous poison puddles that make it difficult to get past.

Upon fighting three of these, you will have to go against Sargoth.

This was your guide on how to complete the Temple of Namari dungeon in Diablo Immortal. If you want more guides on the same, check out this one on how to complete the Clearing the Cobwebs bounty.