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Should I Lie Or Tell The Truth To Professor Weasley In Hogwarts Legacy?

This guide will help you decide whether to lie, or tell the truth to Professor Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy.

Even after your arrival at the castle in Hogwarts Legacy, Professor Weasley will be suspicious of the event preceding it and will even confront you about it. Since it appears as an impactful choice you can see why many players want to know what happens if you give her the wrong answer. So keep reading to find out whether you should lie to or tell Professor Weasley the truth in Hogwarts Legacy.

Should You Lie or Tell the Truth to Professor Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy? (Both Outcomes)

professor weasley suspicion outcomes in hogwarts legacy
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It doesn’t matter whether you tell Professor Weasley the truth or lie to her as eventually, both outcomes will be the same when talking to Professor Fig. Of course, the dialogue conversations are different. So the best option would be to lie to Professor Weasley. This is because not only will she move on quickly about it but you get somewhat of a praise from Professor Fig. Here is how both choices affect the dialogues:

  • Professor Weasley: “My suspicion is that there’s more to the story than a search for belongings and an extended trip up the castle”
    • Truth
      • Your character: “There is, in fact”
      • Your character will then mention to Professor Weasley about exploring some ruins. To which she will react by saying Professor Fig might have “his reasons for keeping the details to himself for now”.
    • Lie
      • Your character: “I’m afraid there isn’t.”
      • Your character will explain Professor that there is nothing more to the story. She will confirm that it’s almost similar to what Professor Fig said.

Professor Fig’s reaction to your choices

When you choose to lie to Professor Weasley. Fig will be amazed by your ability to evade the interrogation. As for when you tell her the Truth he’ll simply confront you about whether he heard you tell her about exploring some ruins. Both these choices will lead to the same dialogue “Yes well – Professor Weasley is a brilliant, and astute, witch. It was right to keep the details to yourself for now.”. He also mentions how it is better to keep the details between them and not share them with the headmaster.

That covers this guide on the outcomes of Professor Weasley’s suspicion in Hogwarts Legacy and if you should lie or tell her the truth. I suggest you also check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki for more help on such topics.