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Should I Tell The Truth To Natty In Hogwarts Legacy?

Wondering if you should tell Natty the truth? Here is all the details you need to know.

After the prologue of Hogwarts Legacy, you carry the secrets of ancient magic with you but should you tell Natty the truth? Natsai Onai or ‘Natty’ is one of the earliest students that you get introduced to. You also get to do school activities with her and get to know her. She even tells you about her life before coming to Hogwarts. Building this friendship with her might influence your decision on telling her the truth or not. Let’s learn more about this in detail.

Should I tell Natty the truth in Hogwarts Legacy?

natty dialogue truth hogwarts legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, Natty will ask you to meet at Lower Hogsfield after you get to know her. When you meet her here she will ask you about what happened in Hogsmeade. These are the options you will have as replies:

  • They want something I found.
  • I can’t say.

If you choose the first option and tell the truth, Natty will know about ancient magic. She will tell you that she does not know what it is. She will still have trust in you.

If you choose the second option and hide the truth, Natty will believe you but she will also find it odd. She will still understand that you have your reasons.

So ultimately, it does not matter what you choose to tell to Natty in Hogwarts Legacy. This is more of an immersion thing, and the only difference between both is the different dialogues you get from it. While this can be a bit disappointing, it is also a good thing that you can’t really mess up your playthrough because you choose the wrong option. Often in games, decisions like these can lead to the character’s demise and things like that. Such is not the case in Hogwarts Legacy.

So be assured that no matter if you tell the truth, your relationship with Natty will stay the same. For more Hogwarts Legacy guides like this, check out our other articles like how to get a Breeding Pen and should you help Ackley Barnes in Hogwarts Legacy.