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Elden Ring Zip (Teleport) Glitch For PC Explained

Here are two methods to do the Teleportation glitch in Elden Ring that will make your character zip through locations & skip bosses.

Players of Elden Ring (and the Souls genre overall) are built different. They end up finding various glitches that will help them speed run the game is record time. In this article, we will take a look at one such glitch that will let you zip through one location to another in a jiffy. Here’s how to do the Teleport glitch in Elden Ring.


How to Do the Teleport (Zip) Glitch in Elden Ring PC

elden ring teleportation glitch

Here are the basic things you need to keep in mind while trying to do the teleportation glitch.


  • Make your character block with a shield (some have even done it by two-handing a sword).
  • Tap W on the keyboard over and over again which will let you zip ahead.
  • Now as easy as it may sound, it might take time to execute, because it’s reliant on your hardware and some perfect timing.
  • Be careful when you do this, though, because sometimes you might teleport to a location that’s mid-air, making you fall into the depths of the void.
  • Plus, based on various experiences, it may or may not work depending on the situation. It is pretty inconsistent.

Method 1 of Doing the Teleportation Glitch (With a Script)


Watch this video by Youtuber EZScape Clips & VODs for a visual representation of this glitch:


Apart from skipping locations, you can skip the Godskin Duo or some other bosses if they were giving you hell.


Method 2 of Doing the Zip Glitch (No Scripts Needed)

If you’d like to use a method which does not require AHK, try the Metronome method but it depends on your hardware specs.

  • Go to the in-game Graphics Settings and change the Quality to Low.
  • And under Advanced Settings, change the Texture Quality and all other Quality settings to Low so that you get 60 FPS throughout the duration of this trick.
  • Plus, toggle Motion Blur, Depth of Field, SSAO, to Off.
  • You can use the Metronome sound from any website or software. Set the BPM to 109.
  • Keep your character at the location and facing the direction where you want to teleport.
  • Press Left Click + ALT at the same time (which will make your character use the shield to block) and wait for 4 clicks, press W on your keyboard.

Here it is in action:

Hopefully, this helped you. If you are a speedrunner, this trick will come in handy. But if you are not, then you don’t really need to use it. You can use our cheese guides to take down bosses and follow our guide on the best starting path to get OP early. Moreover, here’s a guide on the recommended levels for bosses and areas that you might want to know about.