Minecraft Teleport Commands List

Here is how you can easily use /Tp Commands in Minecraft.

Knowing Teleport commands can be pretty useful if you play multiplayer in Minecraft. Even if you are playing alone, it can be handy for getting to different locations as long as you know the coordinates. But using these commands isn’t exactly straightforward. So here is the list of Teleport (TP) Commands in Minecraft and how you can use them.

Minecraft Teleport Commands List

how to use teleport commands in minecraft

You need to enable cheats before you can use Tp Commands in Minecraft. We will check that in a bit, but here are all the Teleport commands in Minecraft that you can use and some examples to use them:

  • Teleporting yourself: /tp <destination x y z>. The easiest command to teleport yourself somewhere is simply typing/tp and then adding the x y and z positions. Here is an example:
    • /tp 100 100 100. Using this command will teleport you to this location.
  • Teleporting someone: /tp <username> <destination x y z>. This command is almost the same as above but instead of you teleporting yourself you just add your friend’s username to teleport them to a location. Here is an example:
    • /tp LoremIpsum 100 100 100. This will teleport user LoremIpsum to the location at 100 100 100.
  • Teleporting yourself to someone: /tp <username>. You can use this command to instantly send yourself to a player. Here is an example of it:
    • /tp LoremIpsum. This will teleport you to LoremIpsum.
  • Teleport everyone to you: /tp @a @s. Use this command to teleport every player on the server to your location.

How to Use Teleport Commands

Start by enabling cheats.

  1. Start the game and open the world where you want to enable cheats in.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. In the Game tab, scroll down and toggle on the Cheats option.

After you have the cheats on, you need to type the above commands in the Chat and press Enter.

  • You can access your Minecraft chat by pressing the T-key on your Keyboard, and the right button on the D-pad of your controller for PlayStation and Xbox. As for the Pocket Edition on your phone, you can use the cheats by pressing the chat icon.

That covers this guide on all Minecraft Teleport Commands and how to use them. I suggest you check out our Minecraft section for more help on other such topics for this game.