How players are unlocking all Tekken 8 demo characters using Cheat Engine

Here’s why using a cheat engine to unlock all characters in the Tekken 8 demo leads to account bans or restrictions, impact game progress, and is unfair to other players who are playing legitimately and don’t use cheat engines.

Using Cheat Engine, some hackers have discovered a way to manipulate the game’s internal values, effectively creating a Tekken 8 Unlock crack to use in the demo to access all playable characters from the main game.

Many players are using a script in a cheat engine to crack the Tekken 8 demo to unlock all 32 characters in the game – even those not yet officially revealed. This includes fan favorites like Hwoarang, Devil Jin, and even the long-absent Jun Kazama.

To understand the negatives of using the cheat engine to unlock the characters and how this can impact both the devs and players, we have to first look at the legit way of unlocking characters in Tekken 8, just as the devs intended.

How to Unlock Tekken 8 Characters

How to Unlock Tekken 8 Characters

Tekken 8 is currently in its final stages of development, with a release date of January 26, 2024. Therefore, information about unlocking characters in the final game is still unavailable. However, we can look at how characters were unlocked in the previous game, Tekken 7, to get a general idea of what to expect.

In Tekken 7, there were several ways to unlock characters:

  • Completing the story mode: This was the main way to unlock new characters, with each character having a unique story chapter that needed to be completed.
  • Playing through Treasure Battle: This mode is a series of challenges that reward players with items and sometimes new characters.
  • Purchasing DLC: Tekken 7 had several DLC packs that added new characters to the game.

Tekken 8 will likely use a similar system for unlocking characters. Here are some possibilities:

  • A more expansive story mode: Tekken 8’s story mode is rumored to be even more ambitious than Tekken 7’s, so we may see even more characters unlocked through this mode.
  • New in-game challenges: Treasure Battle mode could be converted and expanded into new game mode with new challenges and difficulty levels, offering more ways to earn new characters.
  • Seasonal content: Tekken 8 will follow the trend of many modern fighting games and the series itself by releasing new characters as part of seasonal content updates.

In the meantime, you can find how many players use Cheat Engine to unlock all Tekken 8 characters below.

How Players Are Unlocking All Tekken 8 Demo Characters

How Players Are Unlocking All Tekken 8 Demo Characters (Using Cheat Engine)

Many players use a cheat engine to unlock all 32 characters in Tekken 8 demo. Firstly, they install the Cheat Engine software from the Cheat Engine Website. Then, they download the cheat table script, open the Tekken 8 demo game, and run the cheat engine with the script. Running a cheat engine with this downloaded script unlocks all characters in the Tekken 8 Demo.

Alternatively, players can unlock characters in the Tekken 8 demo by following the steps mentioned in a YouTube video tutorial by SENPAI_DECK. The tutorial explains how to unlock all characters in practice mode and more features in the Tekken 8 demo on Steam Deck Steam OS. The steps are as follows:

  1. Download the file from the link in the description and extract it.
  2. Copy the four files inside the extracted folder and paste them into the Tekken 8 demo folder under Steam/steamapps/common/Tekken 8 Demo/Polaris/Binaries/Win64.
  3. Overwrite the existing files when prompted.
  4. Launch the game in gaming mode and select practice mode or versus mode.
  5. You can now choose any character by moving the cursor and clicking on them, even if they are not highlighted.

Please note that using cheat engines or modifying game files may violate the game’s terms of service and lead to account bans or other penalties.

Why YouShould NotUse Cheat Engine with Tekken 8 Unlock Script (Cons and Consequences)

Using a cheat engine to unlock all characters in the Tekken 8 demo negatively affects players and developers. It can lead to account bans or restrictions, impact game progress, and is unfair to other players who are playing legitimately and don’t use cheat engines. Here’s a list of all cons and downsides for both developers and players:

For Developers:

  • Spoiled Data and Analytics: Cheat Engine bypasses intended testing phases, depriving developers of valuable data on how players interact with specific characters and features in the demo. This can hamper balancing adjustments and future content decisions.
  • Loss of Developer Control: Unforeseen exploits can expose glitches and vulnerabilities that weren’t meant to be public. This creates additional work for developers to fix and potentially delays full game releases.
  • Erosion of Game Design Intent: Bypassing character unlocks undermines the carefully crafted progression experience the developers intended for the demo. It cheapens the sense of achievement players earn through dedicated practice.

For Players:

  • Unbalanced Matches and Unfair Competition: Cheat Engines can lead to unfair online matches. Players accessing full rosters with limited practice can disrupt matchmaking and discourage legitimate competition, ruining the experience for others.
  • Potential Banning and Account Restrictions: Developers often monitor suspicious activity and may enforce bans on accounts using unauthorized tools like Cheat Engine. This could permanently lose access to the game and online play.
  • Reduced Enjoyment and Learning Curves: Skipping the intended character progression can stifle player growth and engagement. Players who rely on unlocks miss valuable learning opportunities for specific characters and core fighting mechanics.
  • Potential for Save Data Corruption: Modifying game files with Cheat Engine carries inherent risks. Corrupted save data can lead to lost progress, technical issues, and player frustration.

So, resorting to Cheat Engine for early character unlocks in the Tekken 8 demo undermines the integrity of the game and the experience for both developers and players. By engaging in fair play and focusing on the intended demo content, we can ensure a smoother development process and a more enjoyable experience for everyone when the full game is released.

Remember, the demo serves as a testing ground and a taste of what’s to come. So, it is important to understand why devs put on the limitations. If you are a new player, build your skills with the offered characters in the demo and enjoy the full Tekken 8 experience correctly.

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