Tekken 7 New Character Leaked – Is it Slim Bob or Forest?

By Raaj
1 Min Read

Tekken 7 will be soon increasing its roaster by adding a brand new character in the team. Teased on the official website this new character has been confirmed without an identity. Spotted by PushSquare first, this new character is a mystery in present. Bandai Namco leaked the character in a form of silhouette that does not reveals its actual identity. This is definitely not an mistake.

12 Last characters are part of DLC and one hidden character points towards an upcoming new content for Tekken 7. In the below image roaster which consist all latest characters for Tekken 7 has an additional space left in the end.

Tekken 7 New Character DLC

This new character completes the 50 Roaster count for Tekken 7. Previous twelve characters are part of DLC that teases an possibility of new DLC to introduce a new face in the roaster. Two possible guesses for 50th place in Tekken’s Roaster is Forest and Slim Bob based on the silhouette shape.

Bandai Namco has not revealed any official update on what this new character will be.

Source: PushSquare