CoD Modern Warfare 2 Taraq Smuggler’s Office: Where To Find It (Map Location)

Here is where you can find the Taraq Smuggler's office in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

While playing the DMZ mode in CoD MW2, you must have found the Taraq Smuggler’s Office key but might be unable to find where to use it. And while the game tells you to use it in the office in E2, due to several buildings being there, finding the actual one can be tough. So check out the map location for where to find Taraq Smugglers Office in Al Mazrah in CoD MW2.

Where to Find Taraq Smuggler’s Office in CoD MW2?

call of duty modern warfare 2 taraq smugglers office location

You can find the Taraq Smugglers Office in position E2 of Al Mazrah, this location is the same for MW2 and CoD Warzone 2. It is east of the Taraq Village. Here is the exact location for it:

  1. Mark the building shown on the map below.taraq smugglers office map location
  2. Based on where you spawn you might need to find a vehicle to get to the Taraq village.
  3. Go east from the Taraq village.
  4. You can find three buildings west of the river.
  5. Make your way there and eliminate any enemies you come across.
  6. Enter the middle building. The office is on the ground floor.
  7. You should find the Taraq Smugglers Office door on the left side next to the rack which has a blue barrel as well.

In case you don’t have the key to it, you will need to find it first. As you cannot get inside the office without one.

How to Get Taraq Office Key

There is no specific location where you can get the key from. But the good thing is you can find it from any random loot. So loot everything you come across as one of them might have the key to the office.

What is inside the Taraq Smuggler’s Office?

Inside the Smugglers office, you will always find an orange Supply Box. And on the table, you can also find random items like Cash or Armor. Finally, on the ground beside the Supply Box, you should find yourself a gun.

That covers this guide on the map location of Taraq Smugglers Office in CoD MW2 for Al Mazrah. If you are looking for more help on the Multiplayer of this game be sure to check out our CoD MW2 Wiki.